If you’ve been hoping for a new Call of Duty game later this year, then you’re in good hands. During their Q4 investor call, Activision has confirmed that COD 2020 is indeed on the horizon.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see the existence of Call of Duty 2020 officially confirmed, although previous reports have stated that there was a major shift of development.

Activision also claims that the next title is already generating large amounts of excitement. No matter what they have up their sleeve, it’s going to be an exciting few months for fans of the franchise.

In addition to confirmation of the game, Activision also mentioned a few other details. With this in mind, here’s a breakdown of their investor call, including what they discussed regarding the next installment within the franchise.

When is Call of Duty 2020 coming out?

There’s no word on the COD 2020 release date, although Activision did confirm it will launch in Fall later this year. Fall runs from September to the end of November, which is when every new Call of Duty title usually releases, so there are no surprises here.

As it’s still early days, Activision will tend to be vague when answering these types of questions. That being said, we should expect further information to surface closer to its arrival.

Who is developing COD 2020?

At their investor call around this time of year, Activision usually sheds light on who will be developing the next Call of Duty title. This time, however, the company refused to comment on this matter.

Despite the lack of confirmation, previous rumors appear to suggest Treyarch will be taking charge, instead of Sledgehammer Games. This was also seemed to be corroborated by the fact David Vonderhaar, the studio head of Treyarch, announced the exception of one feature in the upcoming title.

In the call, Activision President Rob Kostich noted that the decision to leave behind Supply Drops and the Season Pass has led to more engagement in-game. Hopefully, this will prompt Activision to follow suit later this year.

Activision didn’t comment on what the next Call of Duty game is, but that’s not surprising given the time of year. We’ll likely hear more information in the next few months, as the primary focus shifts away from Modern Warfare.