Call of Duty 2020 Isn’t Delayed Yet, Still Planned for Release in Fall

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Finally, some good news amongst all of this chaos in the world. According to some recent tweets from Jason Schreier, the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise shouldn’t be delayed. In the same string of tweets, Schreier also addressed some rumors of the title/contents regarding Call of Duty 2020.

Will CoD 2020 Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus?

Here’s what he had to say when responding to a fan on Twitter asking him if he thought we would still get a release this year, “As of right now it’s still planned for fall, but nobody knows what’s going to happen in the coming months!” Since 2005, Call of Duty has had an annual release, so it would certainly be a shocking disappointment to eager fans.

Another question that came up was if this would be a Black Ops reboot similar to 2019’s Modern Warfare Reboot. Schreier stated that while he doesn’t believe this new entry will be a reboot. The setting will still be the Vietnam/Cold War Era. The working title currently being used by the developers of the game is Call of Duty Vietnam.

However, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, because no one from Activision has confirmed any of this. At this point in time speculation is the name of the game. The state of the world is ever-changing and every day more and more movies and games are getting delayed.

Call of Duty Vietnam

Only so much work can be done on a game from home Schreier has a good track record. If any studio can pull this off, it would be the team behind Call of Duty.

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