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Caldera’s Hot Spot for Loot Hinted in New Warzone Pacific Teaser

The highly anticipated Warzone Pacific map is under a week away. And Activision is already dropping hints towards a Caldera hot spot for loot.

Warzone Pacific map Caldera is causing quite a stir in the Call of Duty community. Fans have been waiting to jump into the new map coming in the battle royale.

Here are all the Caldera map locations combined in a single graphic.

A lot of rumors and news is going around about the upcoming map. Luckily, Activision has released a new teaser providing more hints towards a possible landing hot spot for the players in Caldera.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Airport Terminal

Airfirled Might Become a Caldera Hot Drop Location as Revealed in a New Teaser

In a previous trailer, Raven Software provided a closer look at another POI in Caldera. And now Activision sent out another postcard hinting towards the Airfield being a possible hot spot for dropping players in Caldera.

The latest Warzone Pacific postcard read, “can’t choose which is better at the Airfield: the military encampments with hoards of loot or the control towers where you can snipe with an elevated vantage point.”

As evident from the postcard’s text, Airfield has a lot of loot available. This Airfield is located towards the west part of the map near the Village point of interest. The Allied military forces had their operations camp set up around this area and probably has a lot of leftover weapons.

With the guns around, it can be a great hot drop location in Caldera for players looking to quick start the action. Although, the fans are not happy about the return of the ATC tower.

Call of Duty fans hated the control towers in the original Verdansk as well. The towers usually attract campers and snipers. However, the postcard and the Airfield images confirm that ATC towers are returning.

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warzone caldera hot drop airfield postcard

But that’s not all. Caldera and Verdansk have a lot of differences, leaving ATC towers aside.

On top of that, Caldera might have a new entry airplane during the start of the match.

Call of Duty fans have much to be excited about with both Warzone and Vanguard receiving major updates. Finally, make sure to check out all these Warzone Pacific Caldera changes – loadouts, gas masks, Gulag, and more.

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