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Buy Station Loadout Weapons Cost Reduced in Warzone 2

Infinity Ward has reduced the cost of loadout weapons in Buy Stations scattered around Al Mazrah. This means that players looking to obtain their custom meta weapons can do so with less money.

Warzone 2 has been out for over a month, and it seems that there is still no intention of bringing loadout drops back into the Buy Stations.

Some believe this keeps Warzone 2 more competitive, but others think it has taken away some of the appeals of the popular battle royale.

Hopefully, this new change is a step in the right direction to satisfy both sides of the topic. Here is how much loadout weapons now cost from Buy Stations in Warzone 2:

Loadout Primary Weapon Cost Reduced in Warzone 2 Buy Stations

The cost of purchasing a primary loadout weapon from a Buy Station has been reduced from $5,000 to $2,500 in Warzone 2.

This means that players can now purchase both of their meta loadout primary weapons for $5,000.

It may not be the same as purchasing a loadout drop for your entire team, but it is a welcomed change that will help players obtain their favorite weapons much more quickly.

This is only one of the changes that Raven Software has implemented in regard to loadouts and Buy Stations. They’ve recently doubled the amount of Buy Station encounters in a battle royale match.

Another change they implemented was moving up the Loadout Drop Event one circle earlier than it was before.

You can see a full list of the official patch notes for the December 19 Update here.

Many players seem divided on this issue due to how loadout weapons factor into Warzone 2. On one side, players think that loadouts make Warzone 2 less competitive since most players use the same loadouts dominating the meta.

Although, others are happy with the change because they believe it makes Warzone 2 more fun to play since you have your favorite weapon early on.

With this update, players can take advantage of the best landing spot in Warzone 2 for even faster loadout weapons. It’s guaranteed to give you enough money to purchase both loadout weapons without traveling to different locations.

Raven Software has yet to confirm if they plan to bring loadout drops to the Buy Station in a future update.

Although, there was a recent glitch that allowed players to buy loadout drop markers for a short time.

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