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Burger King Reveals PS5 Start-Up Sound in New Collaboration

In a bizarre turn of events, it seems that Burger King might have just revealed the PS5’s start-up sound, in a new collaboration with Sony.

The PS5 start-up sound – a sound that’s going to be heard millions of times this year alone. Now, we finally know what that noise is going to be, and it’s all thanks to Burger King.

Although Sony has been relatively tight-lipped about the PS5’s UI so far, we might be about to get our first glimpse. In an upcoming collaboration with fast-food chain Burger King, the PS5 may be shown off further.

Burger King and PS5
(Source: Burger King/Sony)

In a new promotion shared on the Burger King Twitter page, we get a tease of what’s to come. The iconic Burger King himself opens up a very large takeout bag, perhaps hiding the giant new console.

Inside, a blue light shines on his face, and a strange new noise is heard. This sound is believed to be the PS5 start-up sound.

It wasn’t long ago that a leaker showed off the PS5 start screen alongside new pictures of the device. What’s worth noting is that the start-up sound was the exact same noise as what we’re hearing here.

That gives the leaker some real proof that they do in fact have their hands on the console. We’ll only have to wait a few days to find out more, as it turns out.

The Burger King x PS5 Collaboration

As the Burger King takes the bag, presumably containing the PS5 and leaves, we see a date arrive on-screen. According to the video, something else is coming on October 15.

In just two days, we’ll likely be seeing the full extent of this Burger King and PS5 collaboration. Whether that means a promotion to win a PS5, or something more interesting, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Interestingly, Burger King has traditionally been a Microsoft partner in the past. With full Burger King-themed games launching on the Xbox 360, this is a strange new avenue for the brand.

Burger King Xbox games
(Source: Burger King)

Frankly, if the collaboration drops a sequel to Sneak King on the PS5, that might be the strangest reveal of 2020. But it would be an interesting way to build hype levels, especially as a free title.

This isn’t the only PlayStation promotion active at the moment, though. Doritos is also offering a chance for gamers to get their hands on a free PS5.

For those searching for all the latest PS5 footage, look no further. New PS5 gameplay shows off DMC5 and Godfall, as part of a Japan-wide Sony promotion.

And in other news, we’ve got new information about which PS4 game saves work on PS5. As we head into the final month of waiting for release day, excitement levels are reaching an all-time high.

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