Here’s where to find the Weapon Case inside Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ, as well as what rewards you get after you exfil with it!

DMZ’s new Building 21 is full of high-tier loot, but by far the most sought-after item in there is the Weapon Case.

Every squad who infiltrates this heavily-guarded building will be after the case. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you get it first to get your hands on the great rewards!

How to Get The Weapon Case in Building 21 – Warzone 2 DMZ

To get the Weapon Case from Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ, you need to hack the server in the Data Center to open the Armory Room.

Then, you can drill the safe in the Armory Room to get the Weapon Case. Finally, exfil from Building 21 using the marked evacuation elevator, and you will get a reward!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • First, you need to know how to access Building 21 using a Keycard
  • Next, we recommend joining a squad with a couple of friends – Building 21 is tough and you’ll need good teamwork to get out with the Weapon Case
  • Once you are in Building 21, go to the Data Center, which is on the west side of the basement
    • This is a large square room full of servers
  • Kill the three AI enemies guarding the Data Center as well as any other bots or other players who enter the room
  • Once the timer counts down to 11 minutes, you can hack the server where the blue lights are on
  • Hold the interact button the hack the server (square on PlayStation, X on Xbox or F or keyboard)
Warzone DMZ Building 21 Hacking Server Data Center
Hacking the Data Center server – YouTube: Geeky Pastimes
  • Your teammates must then protect you from the AI enemies that start rushing into the room
  • After you complete the hack, you will get a message saying the Armory Room is now accessible
  • Head to the Armory Room in the northeast corner of the top floor in Building 21
    • It’s quite easy to find as the door will be open, and once you go inside a pop-up saying ‘Armory Room Under Attack’ will appear on the screen
DMZ Building 21 Armory Room Under Attack
Entering the Building 21 Armory Room – YouTube: Geeky Pastimes
  • Make sure to get to the Armory Room as fast as possible to avoid some of the enemies as well as the Wheelson that patrols the corridors
  • Start drilling the safe in the center of the Armory Room
    • Once you start drilling, other players will be notified, and AI enemies will come after you. Therefore, you’ll want to defend the room the best you can with mines, claymore, and other equipment
Warzone DMZ Building 21 Drilling Safe
Drilling the Armory Room safe – YouTube: Geeky Pastimes
  • To exfil more easily, don’t open the safe until the timer counts down to 7 minutes. This is because you can’t see the exfil location until this time, and carrying the weapons case marks your location for enemies
  • Finally, loot the safe, pick up the weapon case, and head to the exfil location!
  • Here’s how to exfil from Building 21 in DMZ!

This is the only weapon case in Building 21, but there are plenty more you can get in Al Mazrah. Here’s how to get all of the Weapon Case rewards in Warzone 2 DMZ!

Exfil Elevator Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21
Inside the exfil elevator in Building 21 – YouTube: Geeky Pastimes

All Building 21 Weapon Case Rewards

There are six rewards players can get from exfiling from Building 21 with a Weapon Case, and they are all unlocked in order.

Therefore, to get the sixth and final reward, a blueprint for the Chimera, players must successfully exfil with the briefcase six times.

These are all of the rewards you get from exfiling from Building 21 with a Weapon Case:

  1. Going Bark – Weapon Charm
  2. Weapon Rover – Calling Card
  3. Roar – Weapon Sticker
  4. Company Sniper – Emblem
  5. Camo Cloud – Vehicle Skin
  6. Silver Tox – Chimera Blueprint
DMZ Building 21 Weapon Case Rewards

Also, Building 21 is the perfect place to unlock the new Chimera assault rifle in MW2 and Warzone 2! This is because most of the guards use one, so you can pick up their Chimera and exfil with it to unlock the gun.

For more information on how to extract the Weapon Case from Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ, check out Geeky Pastimes‘ video below!

Geeky Pastimes

While you are trying to exfil from Building 21 with the Weapon Case, why not complete some missions too? Here’s every Faction Mission and reward in DMZ!

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