A new bug has emerged in Call of Duty Modern Warfare – but there’s a catch. Rather than being something that deteriorates the quality of the game, this bug actually looks pretty cool.

Reddit user ‘filofil’ originally spotted the bug, although it has made previous appearances in the beta. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see several bugs surface in the game, but we are now approaching various months since launch.

This bug takes place on the St. Petrograd map, but other users have reported it on Grazna Raid.

I was on Acid, I guess from r/modernwarfare

In this case, the Modern Warfare bug will actually be acclaimed by some. In fact, some have compared it to a futuristic cyberpunk or disco-like setting. Usually, however, bugs have a negative impact on gameplay.

While it’s important that Infinity Ward attempt to patch it for all players, this is one of those bugs that the devs can get away with. It appears to be a coloring issue, where the actual colors of the map are presumably not rendering properly.

Overall, it lights up the entire map in a colorful, fluorescent way. Although it can make certain parts of the map harder to see, it also emboldens other aspects. This isn’t the first time this bug has appeared in Modern Warfare. In the beta, a similar-looking glitch occurred, but this time only some sections were colorful, whereas others remained the same.

My game loaded in looking like a funky acid trip.. from r/modernwarfare

This bug seems to be surfacing on all platforms, with one player confirming it has even happened to them multiple times on Xbox One. Another Redditor commented that it should even be a setting in the game, allowing players to play with the glitch if they wish.

Modern Warfare Color Bug - Reddit Comment