During the 14th December 2022 Hogwarts Legacy gameplay presentation, details surrounding the player’s broom were revealed.

When flying on brooms was revealed to be a core feature in Hogwarts Legacy, fans were ecstatic. However, details surrounding how flying would feel and control were scarce.

Fortunately, in the second Hogwarts Legacy gameplay presentation, details were shared about how and to what extent players can upgrade and customize their trusty broom.

Can You Customize Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, according to the second Hogwarts Legacy gameplay presentation, you will be able to customize your broom’s appearance. However, all customization will be purely cosmetic and will have no effect on gameplay.

You can purchase a variety of different brooms from a broom shop in Hogsmeade. Each broom will differ in visual appearance but control the exact same.

It is worth noting that it was not specified within the presentation whether you’d be able to add additional cosmetics to your broom.

the player resting on their broom in Hogwarts Legacy

However, in the gameplay presentation itself, the head and tail of the broom being used feature unique coverings that differ from those seen in the State of Play.

a side by side comparison of the brooms in the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play and the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay presentation
On the left is the broom from the gameplay presentation and on the right is the one from the State of Pla

Of course, keep in mind that due to quidditch’s unfortunately limited role in Hogwarts Legacy, players will likely not see their broom in action on the pitch.

Can You Upgrade Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can upgrade your broom to increase the distance you can elevate from the ground while at max speed, making it more efficient.

The gameplay presentation mentions that you can acquire these upgrades from the broom shop in Hogsmeade. However, you must first talk to and help its owner.

the player flying on a broom in Hogwarts Legacy

It wasn’t explained if there would be any additional upgrades available at the shop. For example, it isn’t clear if you can increase the speed of your broom.

Nonetheless, earlier in the presentation, they note that these are brooms in their infancy. Therefore, they won’t go as fast as fans of the Harry Potter books are perhaps used to.

You can hear all about how broom upgrades will work in the video below:

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