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Is This Broken XM4 Blueprint in Warzone Pay To Win?

Warzone players have found a huge problem with this XM4 Blueprint!

Blueprints in Call of Duty are supposed to be purely cosmetic weapon skins that change how your guns look. However, this isn’t always the case.

While some blueprints have minor advantages like clearer ironsights, players have previously found that some blueprints have different in-game stats.

For instance, players found a ‘pay-to-win’ MAC-10 blueprint that increased the weapon’s damage.

Now, an XM4 Blueprint has caused an uproar with Warzone players as it completely changes how the gun works. But is it broken?

Best XM4 Loadout Warzone

Broken Great Pacific XM4 Blueprint?

The XM4 is quickly becoming one of the best guns to use in Warzone, especially with the best XM4 loadout in Warzone Season 3. However, players have recently found a Blueprint for the XM4 that has totally different stats to the base gun.

Warzone weapons tester True Game Data tested the Great Pacific XM4 Blueprint to check its stats. He found it has a quicker TTK and fire rate, a different recoil pattern.

However, it may not be as overpowered as players have been claiming…

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Warzone Season 3

Upon further inspection, True Game Data found that the Great Blueprint in Warzone Pacific uses the Modern Warfare M4A1’s stats rather than the Cold War XM4.

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Therefore, it was likely just a mistake when putting the gun in the game. Also, this means that the weapon isn’t actually overpowered because it is just an M4A1 that looks like an XM4.

Although, the M4A1 is still a great weapon in Verdansk. Check out the best M4A1 loadout in Warzone.

This does beg the question of whether there are any other strange Blueprints in the game too. Hopefully, Raven Software, along with the new Warzone developer, fixes this strange XM4 issue along with any other Blueprint problems in Warzone too.

Meanwhile, there has been some huge news from Activision about the future of Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games is developing ‘Next-gen’ COD 2021.

To help out with COD’s huge plans for the future, Activision is tripling the size of the Call of Duty development team.

Finally, a leaker has revealed the release date for Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Remastered. It’s coming very soon!

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