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Broken Warzone Attachments Give Players Insane Movement Speed

Following the Warzone Season 4 update, there are two broken weapon attachments that can give you insane movement speed!

While the main skill you’ll need to succeed in Warzone is accurate aim, good movement can also be the difference between life and death in such a fast-paced Battle Royale game.

The Warzone Season 4 update buffed and nerfed loads of weapons but it looks like a couple of attachments have bugs that make them much more effective than they should be.

Following the update, there are two attachments in particular that are way too powerful and can give you ridiculously quick movement speed. Here’s what they are!

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How to Get Lightning-Fast Movement Speed in Warzone Using Broken Weapon Attachments

If you’re one of many players upset with campers in Fortune’s Keep, you might want to try out these attachments to boost your movement speed. Even campers won’t be able to see you coming!

There are two attachments, in particular, that can boost your movement speed to ridiculous levels in Warzone Season 4. This makes you much harder to hit and lets you rotate around the map far quicker.

Using both of these attachments on the Warzone-dominating Marco-5 loadout massively boosts your Tac Sprinting speed up to an insane 11.11 m/s!

To put it into context, his is Almost 3 m/s more than the max movement speed MAC-10 build!

Warzone Golden Keycard

The two attachments in question are the Taped Grip and the Mark VI Skeletal Stock. What makes this combination especially powerful is that you can use them on any Vanguard SMG.

This means that you can equip them to any of the best meta SMG loadouts in Warzone Season 4!

Make sure to try out these broken Warzone movement speed attachments before Raven nerfs them. While the developer hasn’t addressed this issue yet, a fix for this insane movement speed seems inevitable.

Although, this increased movement speed would certainly be useful for the upcoming Warzone Rebirth of the Dead LTM featuring Zombies!

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Make sure to watch JGOD‘s video below to see these insane Warzone movement speed attachments in action!

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