Warzone 2’s Birdseye is one of the most broken perks in the game already but now it is giving players constant Advanced UAVs.

Getting an Advanced UAV in Warzone 2 is extremely tough. You have to first complete a stronghold and then battle the Juggernaut at the Black Site.

When you eliminate this heavily armored soldier, he will drop the killstreak. However, with the Birdeye perk, you will only need to get your loadout!

Birdseye giving Advanced UAV in Warzone 2

Birdseye Glitch Giving Advanced UAV to Warzone 2 Players

This Reddit clip posted by “xpantsonfirex” shows the perk in action. In the video, the gamer’s radar is constantly sweeping the map, showing the location and direction of nearby players.

The user is then able to pick off each enemy killing four of them on their own. Birdseye was able to provide them with information such as what direction each of these players was facing meaning they were prepared for the gun fights.

This perk is one of the best in the game at the moment, so make sure you know how to use Birdseye in Warzone 2. This way you will be able to replicate moments like this clip.

The Reddit user also said that even when he dies and comes back from the Gulag, the Birdseye perk is still active. This is despite not having his loadout selected.

It’s so dumb, it’s been like this since day one for me and it happens way to often. Lately even when I die, if I had birdseye beforehand I’ll come back from gulag with it still active.


While Warzone 2 players are currently unhappy with the way this perk works, they may not have to wait long for a nerf.

In the Season 2 update, custom perk packages are coming to the game! However, not all perks will be available to choose from.

Perhaps Raven Software is aware of how overpowered this perk is and will exclude it from the custom perk options.

If not, expect more players to utilize its abilities as loadouts are becoming easier to obtain the next major Warzone 2 update!

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