Reception to the MW3 Beta may have been mixed, but all players appear to agree that spawns are the biggest problem with the game right now.

Modern Warfare 3 is a contentious game, with many fans still seeing it as both a $70 expansion and a look at what we should have got with MW2 2022.

But regardless of their feelings towards the game, everyone has now had an opportunity to play it via the Open Beta’s free days. And one complaint is rising above the rest to be the undisputed biggest issue with MW3 right now: spawns.

MW3 Spawns Are Broken, Players Complain

In the game’s Beta, many players found that the MW3 spawns were relatively broken, causing users to appear directly in enemy sightlines or in unsafe positions.

On top of that, in objective modes such as Domination, some players were finding themselves spawning entirely in enemy territory. Not only does this upset the balance of the mode, but it also makes it impossible to guess where enemies are going to be coming from.

We’ve seen dozens of comments across social media and the MW3 subreddit, stating that spawns were a major issue during the game’s free trial period.

And while this issue tends to crop up with every new Call of Duty release, it seems this time players are especially unhappy with the system.

Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has actually already acknowledged the issues with spawns, in the Beta Weekend 2 patch notes:

“Our team is investigating reports of poor spawn selection quality and making adjustments for launch. In the meantime, please be sure to clip unfavorable spawns and share them with us!”

Hopefully, this indicates that the spawn system will see some major tweaks before launch day on November 10, 2023. After all, there certainly are enough examples for the team to pick from!

But it’s not just spawns that are under fire right now, as players have some big complaints with the MW3 Beta ahead of release.

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