A new version or remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be in development for the Switch 2, according to a new leak!

Breath of the Wild was not only an outstanding Zelda game but a critically acclaimed masterpiece. Many gamers believe it is one of the greatest games of the past decade – if not all-time – and it has aged pretty well too.

However, with a successor to the Switch imminent, leaks suggest that Nintendo could be remastering BOTW for its next console!

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Best Game

Rumors Suggest BOTW Remaster is Coming to Switch 2

Well-known gaming leaker Midori claims that there’s a project at Nintendo with the codename U-King-O. As the internal codename for Breath of the Wild is U-King, this is particularly big news.

And while it’s not confirmed what the ‘-O’ suffix in U-King-O is yet, it seems like it could indicate the Switch 2. This is because rumors claim that the Switch 2’s codename is Ounce.

In response to this codename, another renowned leaker, Pyoro-X, calls it a “great point”, giving the possibility of a Breath of the Wild remaster more credibility.

It would certainly make sense for Nintendo to remaster Breath of the Wild for its next-generation console. After all, it has sold over 31 million copies as of March 2024!

While BOTW is still only 7 years old, it would be reasonably easy to improve the resolution and frame rate for a more powerful console. This is especially the case considering that the Switch 2 is expected to have full backwards compatibility.

Link holding the broken Master Sword and Link putting the Master Sword away

Hopefully, Nintendo could make a next-gen upgrade for Breath of the Wild available for gamers who already own it. However, a full-price remaster may be the more likely move.

If this remaster is in development, we expect Nintendo to release it alongside the Switch 2. However, there are many more potential Switch 2 launch titles that Nintendo could go with!

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