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Bounty Contracts Are Finally Back in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players everywhere rejoice as the fan-favorite Bounty Contracts are finally back in the battle royale.

After only a week but what feels like forever, Bounty contracts are back in Warzone. The contracts were removed several days ago after reports indicated that the Bounties were leading to server crashes.

Now, players can finally find and eliminate their Bounty targets without fear of bringing down the lobby. Warzone Season 6 has been the cause of more than a few issues, but perhaps this is the beginning of a fresh start.

Fans on Twitter have wasted no time dropping back into the action. Now that there’s more incentive to play aggressively again, the game is overall more enjoyable to many players.

Bounty Contracts place a target on another player’s head, with cash rewards for those able to take them down. The mechanic discourages camping players and gives the Contract-taker a clear idea of where an enemy will be found.

Warzone Bounties Are Back

With the return of Bounty Contracts, players are already posting new highlights from their recent games. For some, it seems the time away has helped them forget about some of Warzone’s recent changes.

In the above clip, Twitter user lildemon_yt initially tries to take out their target with a C4. Recently though, the equipment’s throw range saw a heavy decrease.

Credit where credit is due though, the user then takes out a Bounty target with an insane long-range headshot. It’s clear that the addition of Bounties has sparked a lot of interest in the game once more.

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Given that Warzone players were calling for the return of Bounty Contracts for several days, the celebrations are understandable.

Up until as late as yesterday, impossible Warzone challenges still included Bounty Contracts. Now, daily tasks should once again be accessible again for all users.

It’s not all smooth sailing though, as some Twitter users aren’t happy with Infinity Ward’s priorities. With a range of other issues present in the game, including increasing hacker counts, strict Skill-Based Matchmaking, and Warzone’s overpowered C4, many players are unhappy with this season in general.

In fact, many users indicate that players are having less fun in Warzone Season 6 altogether.

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