Players have discovered a new trick in Call of Duty MW2 & Warzone 2 that boosts your FPS (frames per second) just by changing one simple setting.

As it turns out, tweaking one unlikely Voice Chat setting can increase FPS significantly. And for those looking to get their games running smoothly again, this could be a lifesaver.

Many fans have reported a decrease in FPS following the Season 3 update, but altering your Game Voice Channel could fix the issue immediately.

How to Fix Low FPS in Warzone 2 & MW2 Season 3

If you’re encountering the low FPS issue in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, try changing your Game Voice Channel from All to Friends Only.

Here’s how to change your setting in-game:

  • Load up Warzone 2 / Modern Warfare 2
  • Close the Message of the Day pop-up
  • Press F3 or click the Settings Gear icon in the top right of the screen
How to Fix Low FPS in Warzone 2 & MW2 Season 3
  • Select Audio Settings
  • Find Game Voice Channel and set it to Friends Only
How to Change Voice Chat Settings Warzone 2 MW2

Multiple players over on the CODWarzone subreddit have reported that this fix boosted their FPS significantly.

It seems that something in the new Season 3 update has broken Voice Chat, causing it to lead to FPS dips when set to All Lobby.

byu/qwazimoda99 from discussion

Even if your Voice Chat settings are usually set to Friends Only, it’s worth double-checking again. According to some users, Season 3 has reset many of their settings to the default, which would include Voice Chat being set to All Lobby.

byu/qwazimoda99 from discussion

As user xTSH reports in the comment above, the low FPS issue is more prevalent for those playing on Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, due to the number of people in the game who have Voice Chat enabled.

And while FPS does seem to approve as more people get eliminated and leave, game modes like the new Massive Resurgence are notorious for causing frame drops.

Of course, changing Voice Chat from All Lobby to Friends or even Party Only will mean that you no longer get access to Proximity Chat in Warzone 2.

But trading hearing enemies in-game for a significant boost to your frame rate isn’t the worst option.

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