The Black Widow has returned to Fortnite for the first time in 4 and a half years, and fans can get her in the Item Shop now!

Sometimes Fortnite skins just go missing in action for a while, and it’s this artificial rarity that gets players obsessing over cosmetics more than you’d expect.

One such rare skin that, for some reason, never returned to the Item Shop was the original Black Widow outfit, which first arrived on April 25, 2019.

fortnite black widow outfit and items

And before today, it hadn’t been seen since May 6, 2019!

Black Widow Outfit Is Finally Back

The original Black Widow Fortnite skin has returned after a whopping 1668 days (or 4.5 years) and is now back in the Item Shop.

For whatever reason, this cosmetic never came back in stock, even in times when all Marvel skins would resurface at once.

Black Widow Outfit in Fortnite

A new Black Widow (Snow Suit) bundle, referencing the character’s solo movie, would instead feature in the Item Shop, where it has appeared 90 times to date.

But the original Black Widow was only seen in 7 different Item Shops before going dark.

Black Widow Snow Suit Fortnite

Now, fans are able to get their hands on the Black Widow, alongside her blonde variant, once again – but not all players are happy about it.

Fans React to Black Widow’s Return

Some fans who liked their skin because of its rarity are unhappy to see Black Widow return to the Item Shop.

It’s worth noting that Black Widow’s Pickaxe, Widow’s Bite, didn’t return to the Item Shop despite her resurgence.

Those unhappy OG skin owners can rest easy knowing they still have one rare item to show off.

However, many users are simply happy that the artificial scarcity of the outfit is finally over.

“Bought this the moment it came out when I was 14 and now I’m turning 19 soon,” user stringggg writes. “Seeing it in shop again just makes me feel old lmao”

“As an owner of the outfit prior to today, all I have to say is… GOOD. IT HAD NO REASON TO BE THIS RARE,” /u/Alphasilverhawk agrees.

Fortnite OG has certainly been the best time for returning cosmetics. Recently we saw Stranger Things skins Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon make their return, but even they weren’t as rare as the original Black Widow.

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