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Black PS5s Consoles May Soon Be Available – Here’s How

Another company is producing custom black PS5 faceplates. Will they get further than other companies have in releasing them?

Third-party company dbrand is once again producing custom black PS5 faceplates so console owners may finally get to own a black PS5.

The company made headlines last year when they dared Sony to sue them. Something which Sony has threatened to do to other custom PS5 faceplate manufacturers.

It may be a case of be careful what you wish for. As Sony has not been shy about threatening those who appear to tread on their toes.

Another prominent PS5 faceplate manufacturer, CMP Shells, is also planning a come-back after Sony threatened them with legal action.

PS5 spine

CMP Shells have changed their name twice to avoid Sony’s wrath and will also be producing black PS5 faceplates. Yet, it remains to be seen if they will do so successfully, without Sony’s interference.

The new product from dbrand is known as Darkplates and allows PS5 owners to turn their two-tone black and white console into a black matte style.

This is just one of the new faceplate designs available on PS5 from dbrand. The company is also designing skins for the center of the console’s spine.

The company said, "In addition to Darkplates, we'll also be selling skins to cover up the glossy, scratch-prone plastic center on your PS5. These skins would most likely be sold in a bundle, alongside the Darkplates.”

Black PS5 Faceplate Prices

The manufacturer also sent out an online survey asking PS5 owners how much they’d be willing to pay for a black faceplate.

They advised owners to be realistic, saying, “As you are likely aware, the PS5 is f**king enormous. As a result, the Darkplates are also f**king enormous. This means they cost a lot to ship.”

This suggests that the faceplates won’t be cheap. But a high price tag may encourage some PS5 owners to wait until Sony releases their own official faceplates.

custom PS5

Of course, Sony hasn’t yet confirmed that they will be producing their own custom designs – but it seems likely. Chances are they are too busy making sure there’s enough PS5 console stock to worry about black faceplates.

It will also be interesting to see if Sony does anything to prevent dbrand from releasing their designs once they are available to purchase.

Speaking of PS5 stock, more has been confirmed for GameStop today. More PS5 stock is expected to arrive in the UK later this week too.

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