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Black PS5 Seller Deletes Website Before All Buyers Got Refunds

A company that was allegedly ready to sell Black PS2-themed PS5 consoles looks to be leaving fans without both their device and their cash.

Earlier this year, we reported that a company named SUP3R5 was selling Black PS5 consoles, designed with the appearance of a PlayStation 2.

Given that many Sony players weren’t a fan of the PS5’s white outer shell, this was a dream come true – but an exclusive one. With only 304 Black PS5 consoles up for grabs, this was a truly exciting deal.

black PS5 SUP3R5
(Source: SUP3R5)

But it seems that it was also a little too good to be true. In an update to our original SUP3R5 Black PS5 article, we reported that the company had canceled all its orders.

The manufacturers cited the reason as there having been “credible threats to their safety.” They also alleged that all buyers would be receiving full refunds for their products.

Now it seems, that was not the case.

Was the Black PS5 Console a Scam?

According to new reports, many consumers believe the Black PS5 sales to have been a scam all along.

Despite SUP3R5 labeling such accusations as “hurtful, confusing, and unfair,” some users are allegedly still yet to receive a refund.

And now, not only has SUP3R5 deleted its Twitter account, the website has also been taken down completely.

One Reddit user reports that they’re still waiting on their refund from the company, which is no longer easy to contact. Another confirms that they received a refund, but only through reporting the case to PayPal itself.

black PS5 scam?
(Source: SUP3R5)

A recent VGC report confirms that the user is not alone in their efforts, having also resorted to seeking compensation through PayPal.

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Previously, SUP3R5 attempted to explain exactly what went wrong with its sales plan. The company hit out at consumers for pushing “a scam narrative,” though it claims to understand their concerns:

“We think it’s perfectly reasonable to be sceptical of an operation that spun up as quickly as we did. However, we began to see people on Twitter and YouTube actively pushing the scam narrative, some even claiming to have proof of this.”

How to Get a Black PS5?

SUP3R5 may also return in the future, given previous statements. The company claims that they’ll switch it up, with a quiet invitation-only approach.

However, given SUP3R5 lack of presence right now, we’d say that’s pretty unlikely as things stand.

(Source: Sony)

Right now, there is another company claiming to be able to produce a Black, Blue, or even Red PS5. However, this manufacturer is only selling you a shell of a console, rather than the device itself.

We’d hope that this is a far safer method of getting hold of the console, but you can never be too careful. There’s also a new way to buy Black PS5s specifically, if you’re still looking to throw money at the concept.

You could also do what this parent did, and have your children color your PS5 console for you. However, we wouldn’t recommend this option, given the past results.

If you’re still looking for a next-gen device, there’s a big PS5 restock happening this week! Check back regularly for all the latest info, as it drops.

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