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Black Ops Cold War’s Update 1.7.5 Is Broken and Crashing Consoles

The latest update for Black Ops Cold War is broken and causing issues, especially for those players on console.

Whenever a Black Ops Cold War update comes out, it tends to bring with it a new issue or two for fans to deal with. However, this new Cold War update 1.7.5 appears completely broken and it’s causing major issues for console players.

Today, players discovered a new surprise update for Black Ops Cold War, labeled 1.7.5. Despite the update only being 630 MB in total, we’re still not sure what it contains.

Black Ops Cold War Update 1.7.5 Dropkick Mode
(Source: Activision)

Treyarch is yet to reveal what’s new in Black Ops Cold War update 1.7.5, but fans are having trouble installing the new content.

And what’s more, some fans are actually reporting that the latest install is removing Black Ops Cold War from their console altogether.

Black Ops Cold War Uninstalling and Crashing With New Update

Not only is Black Ops Cold War’s newest update leading to crashing on certain consoles, but some players also report that their game is being uninstalled completely.

When downloading Black Ops Cold War’s latest update (labeled version on, players are experiencing major issues.

While some users report that Cold War is endlessly stuck in its “Finishing Up” stage, others are having their console crash completely. This seems to be particularly the case on Xbox consoles, from what we can see.

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One Xbox player even informs us that their Black Ops Cold War copy completely uninstalled itself after crashing at 100%.

Now, instead of a 630 MB update, the Call of Duty fan must install a whopping 91.24 GB from scratch.

Recently, a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch allows players to free the Cranked timer. If this minor update is aiming to fix minor issues like this one, we’d say it’s not worth the risk.

We’ve already seen examples of Black Ops Cold War crashing next-gen consoles since launch. And with major features like Cold War’s split-screen Multiplayer still broken, Treyarch certainly has its hands full.

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