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Black Ops Cold War’s Split-Screen Multiplayer Is Broken

Those who want to play some local Multiplayer are being left disappointed, as Black Ops Cold War’s split-screen online is completely broken.

If you’re buying Black Ops Cold War with the hopes of playing some couch Multiplayer online with a partner, you’re not going to have a great time.

According to fans, Black Ops Cold War split-screen Multiplayer is still broken, now months after launch. Despite Call of Duty having flawless split-screen functionality in the past, Cold War’s offering is more than lacking by comparison.

Black Ops Cold War Split-Screen Broken
(Source: Activision)

Not did split-screen come to Black Ops Cold War late, but it’s not worth your time whatsoever.

Black Ops Cold War Split-Screen Makes Players Invisible

It seems that heading into online Multiplayer split-screen on Black Ops Cold War makes all players invisible. This strange bug isn’t just restricted to your enemies either.

When jumping into some matchmaking, users are reporting that their allies and enemies alike are completely invisible. In fact, all that’s left on the map are some eerie floating weapons, making it impossible to play.

Black Ops Cold War Terrible Split-Screen
(Source: Activision)

Of course, your enemies can see you perfectly well. But when you view their kill in the Killcam, you appear invisible once more.

Fans on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit report that this issue isn’t often prevalent in your first online game. Instead, the problems start to arise after the initial match is complete.

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Although the first game may feature minor lag, it’s otherwise perfectly playable. But from here onwards, problems begin to show their faces.

Invisible Zombies and Floating Guns in Black Ops Cold War

Several players who are accessing the game on an Xbox console report that split-screen is broken in both Multiplayer and Zombies game modes. Whether you’re enjoying Cold War Zombies for its free week or heading into online play, you’ll face issues.

In the undead-slaying game mode, this features invisible zombies, which don’t even have guns to help reveal them. In online Multiplayer, Cold War fans will see floating guns and not an enemy in sight.

However, the issue can be temporarily fixed by turning the console off and on again completely. Reddit user Bradwtv shows off their experience in-game below:

Recently, Black Ops Cold War players discovered a new melee exploit that’s breaking Multiplayer matches. And a new major glitch for Fireteam: Dirty Bomb may reveal Warzone’s second map.

But despite all its issues, Black Ops Cold War is still the best selling game of 2020. It just goes to show that a franchise’s fan base will ignore all issues for a big name title like Call of Duty.

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Friday 5th of March 2021

No fix whatsoever. It feels like activision don't really care about people who wants to play splitscreen. They made their money by selling the game to people who wants to play splitscreen and now they don't care as the splitscreeners are in the minority. Typical to big gaming companies who just wants to make a $ and then not care about the smaller details... I've given up on trying but this will definitely be my last time ever that I spend money on a COD game.‚Äč