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Black Ops Cold War’s Flak Jacket Perk is Making Players Invincible

Black Ops Cold War's Flak Jacket Perk is a little too good, to the point where players are more or less invincible to explosions.

When it comes to choosing Black Ops Cold War's best Perk, look no further than Flak Jacket. This single Perk basically invalidates all of Cold War's explosive weaponry, and it's a must-have in any class lately.

In recent weeks, players have been discovering just how good the Perk is, and now you'll rarely find a soldier not running it. But why is Flak Jacket so indispensable?

Flak Jacket Black Ops Cold War Invincible
(Source: Treyarch)

According to the Perk's description, Flak Jacket means that a player takes less damage from enemy explosives and Molotov/Combat Bow flames. Yet, evidence can be found that suggests that Flak Jacket is actually making players basically invincible.

Flak Jacket Makes Black Ops Cold War Players Invincible

With Flak Jacket equipped, worrying about grenades, rockets, and fire becomes a thing of the past. The Perk is so overpowered that you can lie flat on a point as multiple grenades come in and still survive the experience.

In a clip posted to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, one player shows off their experience firing an RPG at an enemy. Despite launching the projectile for a direct hit at point-blank range, the enemy tanks the shot with no issue.

In fact, the clip poster actually appears to take more damage than the player hit by the rocket. In previous Call of Duty titles, Flak Jacket has always helped players survive explosive damage, but never to this extent.

Treyarch Is Discussing a Possible Flak Jacket Nerf

In a new Reddit post, players discuss the fact that enemies can shrug off explosives with ease. Many commenters agree with the poster that any direct hit from a grenade launcher or rocket should result in an instant kill.

However, others comment that grenade spam will become too much of an issue in Cold War should Flak Jacket receive a nerf. With some players spawning with two grenades each life, it's certainly true that there are explosives to go around.

cold war nuketown kaboom
(Source: Treyarch)

Regardless, it does appear that Treyarch is taking an interest in the issue. According to Community Manager FoxhoundFPS, the developer is discussing possible changes based on player feedback.

"There was actually a discussion about this yesterday," the user confirmed. "I've seen your posts and I understand that you're not pleased with the "gaps," but I can only speak to the things that I can speak to."

Regardless of the impact of Treyarch's conversation, we'd agree that the game could certainly use a few tweaks. Right now, a new Black Ops Cold War exploit lets players glitch outside of Nuketown '84.

Right now, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Weapon XP is broken, causing many players to suffer slower-than-anticipated progression. But thankfully, there's a positive new glitch that gives Cold War players unlimited XP to make up for it.

If Flak Jacket does receive a nerf, here are some of the best Perks to use in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer to help you patch up your classes.

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