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Black Ops Cold War’s Dual Magnums Are Broken – and Not in a Good Way

Black Ops Cold War’s dual Magnums are completely broken in Multiplayer, a new clip proves.

Black Ops Cold War has a great array of weapons to try out, and some are always going to be better than others. With players tending to gravitate towards the most powerful kit in the game, there’s a reason that the Magnum is a popular pick.

After all, the powerful handgun deals devastating damage to opponents, particularly at close range. And when dual-wielding the weapon, it’s possible to kill an enemy in an instant.

Black Ops Cold War February 4
(Source: Activision)

Just two weeks ago, we proved that Black Ops Cold War’s akimbo Magnums need a nerf. But the guns are broken for more reasons than just their damage output.

Cold War’s Akimbo Magnums Hit Registration Is Broken

In a new clip posted to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, one user proves that the akimbo Magnums have completely broken hit registration.

In one instance, the user attempt to finish off a weak enemy at close range, firing two shots into them with laser sight guidance. However, both shots fly wide of the mark, through no fault of the player.

Of course, even with laser sights, hip firing doesn’t guarantee accuracy. But this is without a doubt, a particularly bad example of the Magnum’s biggest flaw.

Black Ops Cold War magnum
(Source: Activision)

Shortly afterward, Reddit user Rude-Listen respawns and almost immediately gets a Magnum kill. Except this time, things go a little too well.

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This time, the user snipes an enemy from 80ft away, despite not having them in the center of their screen. And what’s more, the bullet headshots the enemy player, for an instant elimination.

With this new clip, we’re not sure whether the Magnum deserves a space on the top of our best Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer weapons. It appears that it could actually earn a place on a list of the worst guns, depending on your luck.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend bringing it into a competitive game right now. However, Black Ops Cold War players are already angry at League Play’s poor implementation as it is.

And in case you’ve missed it, there’s a new Warzone and Cold War Zombies merger on its way!

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