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Black Ops Cold War’s Best Search And Destroy Ninja Defuses

The ninja defuse is an automatic crowd-pleaser, and these Black Ops Cold War players are proving it's better than just a strategy for clout.

The ninja defuse is a technique that Black Ops Cold War players are putting into effect in Search and Destroy games.

When playing defense, the player in question will often stalk enemies approaching the payload. When they plant the bomb, the player sneaks in behind them and defuses the bomb without the enemy even knowing they were there.

It's a difficult strategy, but one that users in the Cold War subreddits have been loving.

call of duty black ops cold war ninja defuses
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

It's not the only clout-chasing tech in the game, though. Simply performing great kills on toxic opponents like this player in Warzone is great too.

And if you fancy giving these ninja defuses a go yourself, here's our guide to the best Cold War search & destroy loadouts.

Here's our rundown of our favourite ninja defuses in the game so far.

Cold War Player's First-Ever Ninja Defuse

User noahsmitth posted their first-ever ninja defuse into the Black Ops Cold War Subreddit, and it's a good one.

The player effectively sneaks in right next to an enemy player planting the bomb on payload B. The moment they stop planting, the player is ready on defusing it.

It's so simple, but so brilliantly executed. They're in plain sight, but still practically invisible.

It's also pretty wholesome that this player's first ninja defuse was such an effortless success. Proud of you, Noah.

Incredible Competitive Ninja Defuse

Ninja Defuses are incredible in public games, but nobody expected to see such bold moves played in competitive games. This clip posted to CoD Competitive's subreddit is proof that you're never too professional to chase clout with slick moves.

A pro player Cata, playing for the team UGK Purple in a competitive game against Coldfront, sees his opportunity and takes it.

call of duty black ops cold war ninja defuses
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

He practically lays down on top of the player planting the bomb, which makes it all the more unbelievable that he gets away with the defuse.

The game's commentators lose their minds as he defuses the bomb with incredible ease, without being spotted even slightly.

It's a cheeky move for a pro player, but it only makes the payoff even sweeter.

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Unbeleivable 1v4 Ninja Defuse

Cold War player NotACanoe uses the ninja defuse strat to perform one of the stealthiest maneuvers we've seen in Cold War to date.

On the map Satellite, they sprint over the sand dunes towards the planted bomb, as enemy players emerge from their line of sight. They run in the direction of the bomb, but never see the enemy player going after it.

As even more enemies appear, it's incredible they don't see the player. They bolt across the dunes, bumping into one player and passing the others, going completely unnoticed.

Their friends in the chat are going crazy as they manage to slink past every enemy on the opposing team without being seen.

They slide into place behind the bomb, as yet another enemy stands in plain view in the distance, and defuses the bomb. It's an insane clip and one that wouldn't have existed without the incompetence of an entire team.

Sneaky 1v5 Ninja Defuse

Just when you thought 1v4 was as big as it could get.

Cold War player Barry Biracial pulls off an incredible ninja defuse surrounded by almost the entire enemy team.

They slide in next to the bomb behind a dangerous red barrel under the protection of a smoke grenade. As he lays on the ground waiting for his moment to strike, his entire team is wiped out. He is the last man standing, and the defusing of the bomb falls entirely to him.

call of duty black ops cold war ninja defuses
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

As he does, an enemy player lies down in front of him. It's immediately clear he's surrounded, and he has little chance of winning the game.

The enemy plants the bomb, but as they do, the player creeps up next to him, practically staring them in the face. Once they've finished planting, they hop up and turn in the opposite direction to leave.

The player defuses the bomb and is finally killed by an enemy, but it's too late. The bomb is defused, and the round won.

These are our favorite Cold War ninja defuses we've seen in the game so far.

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