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Black Ops Cold War’s Best Play of All Time From World’s Luckiest Player

There are no words to describe this Black Ops Cold War clip other than calling it the best play of all time.

Since launch we’ve seen a lot of crazy Black Ops Cold War plays, but none hold a candle to this one. In what is sure to be the best Cold War play of all time, one user manages to start their match off with an insane killstreak.

But what’s so incredible about this play is not that it’s simply a good kill or two. Instead, this Cold War player is able to down 3 enemies from across the map.

tomahawk Black Ops Cold War best play
(Source: Activision)

And given that they were playing Search and Destroy, we’d imagine the rest of the round was a lot easier. In fact, as one commenter points out, this is probably the only clip that deserves stealing the Final Killcam from Search and Destroy.

The Best Black Ops Cold War Play of All Time?

Despite only being posted a matter of hours ago, Reddit user llGaappll‘s post is attracting more than a little attention. This is due to users labeling it as the best Black Ops Cold War play of all time.

It’s something that really has to be seen to be believed, as the user lands not only a grenade launcher kill but also two long-range tomahawks on opponents.

And they do so without even moving an inch from spawn. In the easiest Search and Destroy round to date, the Cold War player drops three enemies from the starting area on Raid.

raid black ops cold war
(Source: Activision)

After witnessing a teammate die, we can even see one enemy turn to glance at their fallen ally before rushing towards the plant sites. It’s only then that the second tomahawk strikes them from behind, having bounced off a nearby wall.

This insane clip is something most players only dream of accomplishing. Even llGaappll is doubtful that they’ll ever manage this incredible start to a game again.

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Of course, it’s more than likely that the Reddit user’s opponents believe themselves to be playing against a hacker. But given that the clip became the Best Play of the game, perhaps they were just as amazed as the rest of us.

Although Black Ops Cold War players have been using cheats since Beta, this looks to be a completely genuine clip.

We’ve not seen an incredible play like this since a human aimbot went on an insane sniping spree in Cold War.

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