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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Players Discover Thor’s Hammer in the Game

Black Ops Cold War Zombies players can now find and use Thor’s hammer in Die Maschine.

A new discovery is allowing Black Ops Cold War players to get hold of Thor’s hammer in Zombies mode. This new addition comes right after the Sledgehammer was added to Black Ops Cold War’s weapon roster.

Of course, you’ll need to unlock the Sledgehammer in Black Ops Cold War to use Thor’s hammer, so make sure you do that first. Once you’ve got the weapon, bring it in with your Warzone loadout, and you’ll be able to wield the power of Thor… almost.

Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer Melee Weapon
(Source: Activision)

Truth be told, you won’t actually be using Mjolnir in Cold War Zombies. However, Treyarch is paying homage to the iconic hammer, by adding ‘Zjolnir’ to the game.

This powerful weapon is capable of dealing tremendous damage to the undead enemies. Here’s how to use it:

Unlocking Zjolnir in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Once you’ve got the Sledgehammer in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you’ll need to turn on the power. Next, build the Die Maschine Pack-a-Punch machine so you can upgrade your weapons.

Upgrading the Sledgehammer in the Pack-a-Punch will allow you to use the upgraded Zjolnir. This reference to Thor’s hammer in Cold War boasts additional attack power.

Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer Thor's Hammer
(Source: Activision)

Unfortunately, the upgrade doesn’t come with any of Mjolnir’s signature abilities, so we’ll have to alter it further.

By making use of the Pack-a-Punch one more time, players can give Zjolnir the Dead Wire ammo upgrade. Despite the Sledgehammer not actually requiring ammo, it can still benefit from the lightning damage.

And now, Zjolnir will be a much better stand-in for Thor’s hammer in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

It has to be said though, that when compared to the knife or Cold War’s Wakizashi, the Sledgehammer is a bit lacking. Despite its extended range, the weapon hits too slowly to be much good in Cold War Zombies.

(Source: TheGamingRevolution)

Recently, Treyarch teased an upcoming Cold War Zombies Perk, set to drop in 2021. The developer also confirmed that the next Black Ops Cold War Zombies map will come with Season 2.

That’s quite the wait for new content however, and we hope that Treyarch takes some steps to add more soon. After all, Warzone is too broken and boring for many players to enjoy right now.

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