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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Plaguehounds Are Coming to Multiplayer

A staple of the Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience, Plaguehounds are coming to Multiplayer in an upcoming update.

In case you missed it, Call of Duty has slowly been introducing pets into its gameplay for some time now. It first began in Modern Warfare and Warzone, where dogs, wolves, hyenas, and more became usable in Finishing Moves.

As well as being present in executions, these pets would follow their owners in a match’s pre-game lobby. Being able to show off an animal companion was incredibly cool, and it likely led to a lot of people shelling out some cash.

(Source: Activision)

Over the months, these animal associates got a little more bizarre. We saw the likes of bats and hellhounds join the roster in Halloween last year, and now Plaguehounds are joining the fight too.

With Plaguehounds making their debut in Cold War Multiplayer and a nighttime Rebirth Island map coming to Warzone, you’d think it was Halloween again already.

But this would be one confusing Halloween, as Warzone currently has Easter eggs popping up everywhere and giving out major rewards!

How to Get a Plaguehound in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

In Black Ops Cold War Season 2, fans got our first animal finishing move, thanks to Wolf’s Operator bundle. In the cosmetic pack, players not only unlock the Alpha Wolf skin, but they also get access to the Dog of War Finishing Move.

But Wolf’s Rottweiler isn’t the only animal coming to Black Ops Cold War, according to CODTracker. In a new leaked selection of Cold War bundles, there’s one that’s really standing out.

In the Corpse Collector Black Ops Cold War bundle, players get access to an assortment of goodies. There’s a Carnage Operator skin for Beck, a grisly Doom Hammer variant of the Cold War sledgehammer, and an incredible Plaguehound finishing move.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Plaguehounds Bundle

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For the price of 2000 COD Points, players can get a Plaguehound in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer that looks like it’s about to take an enemy’s head off. We’ll have to wait to see how this looks in-game, but the preview reveals a devastating chomp from behind.

But these beasts aren’t all bad. After all, there’s a way to pet the Plaguehounds in Black Ops Cold War.

Plaguehounds Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer
(Source: COD Tracker)

Players can even bring these new companions in Warzone, to match the game’s ongoing boring zombie outbreak. Although it looks as though an incredible Warzone Plague Mode is on its way, the current zombie situation is too slow for many players to care about it.

Meanwhile, new Points of Interest are leaking for the upcoming Warzone 1980’s map! Although fans are disappointed that the upcoming Warzone map isn’t the new area that was leaked, it’ll still be nice to do battle in a new arena.

Especially since Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is the worst patch since the game first launched.

Thanks to PrestigeIsKey for pointing this new Plaguehound Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer bundle out!

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