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Black Ops Cold War Player Beats Zombies Easter Egg With A Piano

A streamer has completed Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's Die Machine Zombies Easter egg using his piano as a controller.

Some Call of Duty players are happy with the difficulty of the game series' entries. But of course, there are some who like to make it a little harder for themselves.

Gamers have been using unorthodox controllers to beat games for a long time. In the era of Twitch streams, many players have been trying to outdo each other in dramatic fashion and attempt to beat the hardest games with the most ridiculous peripherals.

Call of Duty has had its new inductee, with a player beating Black Ops Cold War's first Zombies map Die Maschine. And he does it all, Easter egg included, using a piano.

The Best (And Weirdest) Gaming Peripherals

Streamers have been trying to outdo each other in the realm of weird controllers to beat games with for some time now.

Arguably the weird peripheral that started it all was the Guitar Hero guitar. In one of the first examples of this trend, streamer Bearzly tore through Dark Souls using only this unorthodox peripheral.

dark souls guitar hero world record
Bearzly and his Guiness World Record

Bearzly didn't stop there, as he then beat Dark Souls once again, this time using some bongos. The bongo controller is originally from Donkey Kong rhythm game Donkey Konga, and is one of the strangest official controllers out there.

Beating the game with only five possible inputs was an impressive feat, and his grueling battle with the bosses Ornstein and Smough has become legendary.

Seemingly inspired by this initial run, a streamer is playing Black Ops Cold War lobbies with a guitar controller, too.

While these controllers are weird, they've still been designed with video games in mind. And in typical fashion, gamers wanted to go even weirder.

In one of the most legendary runs of its kind, a streamer has beaten Dark Souls 3 with bananas.

With a desk covered in bananas, Super Louis 64 is able to beat the game with fruit for each input.

dark souls 3 banana charity run
Super Louis 64's Dark Souls III banana run

Players are using real instruments to beat games too; one streamer is dominating Warzone lobbies with a recorder for a controller. A player has also beaten Super Mario World with a recorder- this time, only by playing it with his nose.

But, it's Call of Duty games that have recently offered a resurgence of the weird peripheral gameplay trend.

Player Beats Zombies With A Piano

In a post to the Call of Duty Zombies subreddit, user grooviehoovie has proven he has immense skills with footage of his Die Maschine win using his piano.

The gameplay features footage of him actually playing his piano, with each key assigned to a button input in-game.

black ops cold war zombies
Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The Zombies piano video opens on round 16 after he has already completed the easter egg, as he runs for his life after the helicopter coming to rescue him. The choice of controller doesn't impact the player's abilities, as he races through the map with ease.

His movements are unsurprisingly jittery, as he is forced to stick to the piano and sacrifice mouse movements. He is almost pinned down in his escape, but he luckily has the Die Shockwave weapon to clear his path to the exit.

After what feels like a lifetime, his exfil helicopter arrives, and he officially beats the Easter egg. It's a triumphant moment and marks a new world record for Die Maschine's full playthrough.

Who knows if anyone will try to beat this record, or go even sillier with their choice of controller. We hope there's some more DK bongo action to come in the community of players using strange devices.

It's an exciting time to be in the Zombies community, especially following its latest big announcements and leaks. The full layout for the new Firebase Z map has been revealed, and two new Zombies maps have been leaked ahead of season 2.

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