There’s a new main quest in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode as the official Easter Egg finally arrives. Here’s how to complete it:

After a lengthy wait, the main quest for Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode is finally here. Now, Treyarch’s open-world Zombies experience just got more complex, with the addition of an amazingly intricate storyline.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Main Quest – How to Complete the Easter Egg

To complete the notoriously-difficult Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg, bring a squad of 4 and follow these steps:

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Beacon
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  • First, get to Round 3 in Outbreak mode simply by playing as normal. Try to complete every side mission and loot up, as you’ll need to be strong to complete the Easter Egg.
  • In Round 3, you’ll need to find a strange radio around the map and complete the Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode Radio Easter Egg. However, it’s worth noting that this is a separate radio from the music Easter Egg, and this one will lead to you hearing from Samantha Maxis herself.
  • When you interact with the main radio after tuning all the nearby devices successfully, you’ll receive a Beacon Listening Device.
  • Then, when you head to the Beacon at the end of the round, you’ll have the option to Respond to Samantha Maxis.
  • Next, you’ll need to find some strange monkey figures from around the map and break them open. One of them will contain some Microfilm Slides for you to grab. Use the guide below to help you find it!

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Main Quest: Where to Find All Monkeys, Projectors, Radios & More

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Monkey
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  • Take the Microfilm Slides to a projector – each map has one to find (and all are in the guide above), and insert the slides.
  • Keep interacting with the projector until it loops back around and Samantha Maxis tells you to go to Ruka.
  • Complete Round 4 and you’ll head to Ruka as your next location.
  • This is your last chance to prepare yourself so complete everything on this map and upgrade your weapons while you can. Then, head to the Missile Silo.
  • In the Missile Silo, all players need to get into the elevator to head down into the next area.
  • Explore this area and you’ll find Ravenov in a short cutscene. You’re then tasked with finding a series of 3 Launch Keys.

Where to Find Cold War Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Launch Keys

  • To get your hands on the first LaunchKey, head upstairs into the central room via the red corridor.
  • Be careful, as every item on the floor in this room will turn into a Mimic.
  • Down one corridor you’ll see a slumped body at the end – approaching it will spawn a Red Mimic who’s a little tougher than the others.
  • Kill the Red Mimic for your first Launch Key.
Red Mimic Outbreak Main Quest
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  • Head into the B area of the Silo, and find an Aetherium Harvesting Unit that looks like a little red cube. Interact with it to Purge an Aetherium Canister.
  • When the Canister is empty, shoot the purple crystals around the area and collect 20 to bring back to the Aetherium Harvester.
  • Pick up the canister and (without using it) take it over to area D. Here, you’ll see a giant Aether jellyfish thing, which you can approach and activate your canister to interact with.
Outbreak Easter Egg Jellyfish
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  • You’ll slowly float in and through the jellyfish and you need to grab another Launch Key from inside it. It should be near the floating body so hammer your interact key and grab it out of the air.
  • For your third key, grab an Aether Trap in area A. Although the device doesn’t highlight itself, it resembles one of the Mimic traps from Firebase Z, so it should be easy to spot.
  • Next, look around at the vents surrounding the room, near the ceilings. When you’re far enough away, a spectral monkey will be visible in one of them, but it disappears when a player comes close.
Spectral Monkey in Silo A - Cold War Zombies Outbreak Main Quest
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  • Throw the Aether Trap to the side of the correct vent and back off until the monkey appears. Then activate the trap to catch the monkey. This will give you the third Launch Key.
  • In areas A, B, & D you’ll find a console that accepts a Launch Key. The order is random so head to all three and attempt to interact with the device. If the console reports an incorrect sequence, go to a different area and try a new order.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Mode Main Quest – Legion Boss Fight

  • Now, a timer will begin, counting down until the end of the Outbreak main quest Easter Egg. Run upstairs quickly, to get to the surface as requested.
  • Prepare yourself for an incredibly difficult boss fight.
  • Wait until Legion, the giant Tempest enemy, begins to attack before firing as it’s Immune to damage at the beginning of the fight.
Outbreak Easter Egg Boss Fight Legion
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  • Only aim at the enemy’s chest, as it’s otherwise Immune to your attacks.
  • It might not look like you’re making any progress, but you should see a little armor icon when hitting the enemy. Once Legion takes enough damage, it’ll stagger and release three orbs around it.
  • Destroying an orb will take off a third of Legion’s health so target one together or split your fire. You’ll likely need at least two players firing at the orb with powerful weapons to destroy it quickly enough.
  • As with other boss fights, waves of zombies will be spawning around you. Throw Monkey Bombs and clear out the wave as much as you can, while still damaging Legion.
  • You’ve also got to watch out for Legion’s glowing area of effect attacks. If the ground begins to glow, get out of there fast as each hit does tremendous damage.
  • Once you’ve done this three times and all orbs are destroyed, your Outbreak Easter Egg is complete!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this Outbreak Easter Egg in Season 3 Reloaded and Treyarch certainly didn’t disappoint! Cold War Zombies fans were begging for a harder boss fight after the disappointment of Orda in Firebase Z and they certainly got it.

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