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Black Ops Cold War Zombies New Infinite C4 & Invincibility Exploit Found

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a mode known for its exploits. Now a new infinite C4 glitch partners perfectly with an invincibility exploit for the ultimate Zombies game-breaking experience.

There is yet another invincibility exploit in Black Ops Cold War Zombies and this one is the most broken yet. Not only can players reach unlimited rounds and gain endless XP, but Plaguehounds will never even spawn.

The exploit also gives players infinite C4 to throw at the undead hordes, ensuring that each round is a breeze to complete. And all the while, you’re completely unable to be hurt by the incoming zombies.

Black Ops Cold War Infinite C4 Invincibility Exploit
(Source: Activision)

Cold War Zombies Die Maschine – Infinite C4 & Invincibility Exploit

This is a super simple exploit to take advantage of, and it can be performed almost right at the start of the game. Players wishing to take advantage of the infinite C4 glitch will need to gather two of the lethal equipment to begin.

It’s also worth noting that Ring of Fire is the best Field Upgrade to bring with you. Make sure it’s in your chosen class before attempting this exploit.

Lastly, if you’re looking to get fast Black Ops Cold War weapon XP, this isn’t the exploit for you. In fact, you’ll barely be using your chosen gun as this technique mostly allows for C4 kills.

If you’re looking for the best way to grind weapon camos in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, we’ve got you covered.

However, you will be ranking up fast in Black Ops Cold War, and gaining experience towards your Battle Pass too.

Here’s how the Cold War Zombies infinite C4 and invincibility exploit is done:

How to get Infinite C4 and Become Invincible in Die Maschine:

Black Ops Cold War Infinite C4 Exploit
(Source: Caspahz)
  1. First, you’ll need to gather two C4 charges. This can be done by either finding them from random zombie drops or gathering 1000 salvage for the crafting table.
  2. Once this is done, head into Die Maschine and up the stairs. You’ll next want to remove the rubble that leads to Crash Site.
  3. Next up, purchase the Juggernog Perk from the nearby vending machine. Ideally, you’ll want this Perk to be leveled up to Tier 3.
  4. The other Perk you’ll require is Quick Revive. At Tier 2, this Perk allows for health regeneration to begin after a shorter delay.
  5. Head back up to the Crash Site and walk directly into the corner, shown above.
  6. Line up your curser with the leaf, as shown below.
Black Ops Cold War Infinite C4 Exploit
(Source: Caspahz)

Now that you’re in this position, you’ll be completely invincible to undead enemies. What’s more, throwing a C4 and detonating it will kill the zombies piling up behind you, with ease.

Strangely, you’ll notice that the C4 will appear right back in your inventory after detonating. Therefore you can remain in this position for as long as you like, without taking damage from enemies.

Reach Unlimited Rounds in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Besides being able to make it through infinite rounds in Black Ops Cold War Zombies and having unlimited C4, this exploit also prevents Plagehounds from spawning. This is because the undead canine enemies only begin to surface after turning the power on.

If you ever feel like the undead is getting a little our of hand, or you do take a hit, pop your Ring of Fire. This will not only kill nearby enemies, but it’ll also increase your overall C4 damage.

This new Die Maschine exploit will likely stick around for a while before a patch comes. However, players should take advantage while they can.

With Black Ops Cold War Season 2 bringing a new Zombies map to the game, there are sure to be all manner of new exploits dropping soon. Be sure to check back regularly for all the latest updates.

Recently, a Black Ops Cold War bug made players lose XP. We still haven’t received word that this new bug is fixed, so be sure to check your weapons.

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