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Crazy Black Ops Cold War Zombies Glitch: How to Get Unlimited Rounds and XP

There’s a new glitch in Black Ops Cold War Zombies and it’s letting players teleport outside of the map and gain unlimited XP.

A recent Treyarch patch significantly nerfed the amount of XP that players could earn playing Cold War Zombies. Because of that, fans have been up in arms, protesting the cut.

But in fact, there’s a way to earn unlimited XP in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, even after the nerf. Thanks to a new glitch in the system, Die Maschine players can battle through any number of rounds with ease and become completely invincible.

Cold War Zombies Guide
(Source: Treyarch)

With later rounds consisting of hundreds of zombies, Cold War players can earn unlimited XP in-game. Here’s how to accomplish the glitch:

Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Earn Unlimited XP

The first thing you’ll need to get started with the unlimited XP Zombies glitch is the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade. Make sure you’ve got this upgraded to Tier 3, which can be done by spending Cold War Zombies Aetherium Crystals.

You’ll also need to make sure your Quick Revive Perk is at least upgraded to Tier 2. Then follow these steps to earn unlimited XP in no time.

Black Ops Cold War Unlimited Zombies XP Glitch
(Source: Caspahz)
  1. Buy the Quick Revive Perk from its spawn in the Pond area
  2. Head to the above area at Crash Site, near the Stamin-Up Perk
  3. Use your Aether Shroud to leave the map, then run up the hill
  4. Thanks to Quick Revive, you won’t die from being outside the map, so circle the perimeter until you find a hole leading to the tunnel
  5. Follow the path shown in the video below to enter an invincible spot inside the Medical Bay

Here, the zombies are no longer able to reach you, and you can open fire to your heart’s content. Zombies will pile up in front of you, and it’s as simple as shooting them all to earn your unlimited XP.

The Best Way to Grind XP in Cold War?

When you’re ready to leave, simply use your Aether Shroud again, and you’ll be free from the glitch. YouTuber Caspahz recommends using the DIE Wonder Weapon with the Nova variant to maximize your time killing zombies in this area.

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For a guide on how to get the Wonder Weapon and its upgrades, check out our article on the topic.

Level 100 Zombies XP Glitch
(Source: Caspahz)

As an interesting bonus, you can also go to the menu and change your class freely to one with the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade. Using this upgrade will kill zombies faster than they’re even able to spawn in.

Now that Treyarch has seen fit to break the Cold War Zombies Weapon XP boost, this might be the best way to earn XP in the game. Of course, your progression also carries over to Multiplayer.

This is an even easier way to Prestige in Black Ops Cold War than we’d previously thought possible. But be sure to attempt it soon, as the game’s developer appears to be fixing XP boosts faster than genuine issues with the title.

A similar exploit allows Black Ops Cold War players to glitch outside of Nuketown ’84. Here, you can set up easy kills in Multiplayer, although more players are becoming wise to the tactic.

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