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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Is Getting a Free Access Week

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is getting a free access week, allowing all users to try out the undead-slaughter without spending any money.

If you’re a Zombies fan, but buying Black Ops Cold War doesn’t appeal to you, you’re in luck. According to a new leak, Cold War’s Zombies mode will be free to play very soon.

This news comes after Treyarch teased a new Zombies reveal for 115 day. We initially thought this would be more in-game content, such as the confirmed new Cold War Zombies Perk.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free to Play
(Source: Activision)

Now, we’re not so sure. Certainly, there must be more in store for players on January 15, but it won’t just be existing fans who can experience it.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free-to-Play Week

According to a new leak on the Microsoft online store, Black Ops Cold War is becoming Free-to-Play for a week, beginning January 14. This means that more players than ever will be able to download and play the Zombies mode, in its entirety.

It also means that, if Treyarch has a surprise in store for us next week, gamers can enjoy the new update whether they’re willing to open their wallets or not.

Black Ops Cold War Free Access Week
(Source: Activision)

Some fans speculate that we’ll be hearing news about the upcoming second major Black Ops Cold War Zombies map. However, given that the new content is scheduled for February, we imagine a teaser trailer may be the most we can expect.

The new Cranked game mode will also be available during the Free-to-Play Zombies week. However, those who have attained early access to the game mode report that it’s not much to write home about.

Remarkably, Black Ops Cold War has already had a free Multiplayer week and a significant sale, despite launching only two months ago. While this is strange to see for a Call of Duty title, it could be due to Activision’s heavy implementation of cosmetic microtransactions.
(Source: ModernWarzone)

There are many in-game bundles that Black Ops Cold War can purchase already. And one of them is breaking the game.

According to new research, one new Cold War Blueprint is making Warzone Pay to Win.

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