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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z ‘Orda’ Boss Fight Walkthrough

There’s a new boss battle in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, as players face off against Orda in Firebase Z.

It’s time to face off against the biggest boss of Black Ops Cold War history. In the new Firebase Z map, Cold War Zombies players come face to face with what many are labeling as “the Elder God” Orda.

If you’re a regular Die Maschine player, chances are you’ve noticed the Elder Gods hiding around the forest. These towering figures have been harmless towards players so far, but that all ends in Firebase Z.

firebase z boss fight Black Ops Cold War
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In fact, those that can make it far enough will face off against Orda, a huge boss monster that’ll require some firepower to take down. We recommend you upgrade the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon if you’re looking to defeat the Elder God with ease.

Firebase Z Boss Monster Fight Guide – Elder God Orda

COLD WAR ZOMBIES Orda Elder God Fight
  • The first step to fighting the Orda boss fight is to turn on the Firebase Z power.
  • After that, you’re playing a survival game. To fight against Orda, you’ll need to make it to Round 30.
  • With that in mind, activate the Pack-a-Punch in Firebase Z and upgrade your weaponry.
  • Once you’ve made it to Round 30, Orda often appears alongside an Assault Wave at the Rocky Defense. It’s worth pointing out that some players have also encountered Orda in other locations, with or without backup.
  • Orda will spawn in, alongside the zombie hordes, and it’s time for the boss fight to begin
  • Your goal is to protect the Fire Control Unit, so be sure to keep an eye on the incoming zombies.
  • Use everything you’ve got to make sure they can’t damage the objective.
  • It helps to have a few Monkey Bombs to hand, in order to keep the enemies distracted.
Black Ops Cold War Orda Boss Fight Firebase Z
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  • Then, you’ll have breathing room to pump a few bullets into Orda. The Wonder Weapon is most effective against this undead enemy, but any gun will do, with a bit of upgrading.
  • Watch out for the incoming fire that rains down from Orda’s arm too, as this can deal substantial damage and partially blind unwitting players.
Black Ops Cold War Mangler Firebase Z
  • When a Mangler spawns, be sure to focus fire on the armored enemy.
  • It also helps to pop Ring of Fire, for the increased damage while standing inside it. The Field Upgrade also can be used to finish off enemies near the Fire Control Unit.
  • Sentry Guns and Scorestreaks are also advised to help you deal with the incoming undead.
Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Boss Monster Fight
  • Later in the fight, Mimics will spawn to assist the zombie army. Do your best to stay alive, as losing the Fire Control Unit doesn’t actually end the boss fight.
  • After that objective is destroyed, the zombies and Orda will target the nearby Aether Reactor.
  • Be warned, if Orda gets close enough, the enemy will unleash a powerful beam from its mouth. This will deal devastating damage the objective, so finish the enemy off quickly.
Firebase Z Boss Fight Orda
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It’s worth noting that if Orda does manage to destroy your Aether Reactor, you’ll have to turn on the power all over again.

This is one Easter egg we finally have an answer for, but there are plenty more secrets of Die Maschine that we don’t understand yet.

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