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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Free Juggernog Easter Egg

The Firebase Z update is finally here for Black Ops Cold War, if you are struggling in the latest game mode this free Juggernog perk might help. Here’s how to get it.

Firebase Z is the latest update for Cold War. However, with any new update, there are always secrets to discover. If you’re still trying to find out the best way to survive, this free Juggernog perk is worth picking up.

If you are looking for some additional help with Cold War’s Firebase Z, we our complete guide is here for you to take a look at. You might learn a trick or two.

How To Get A Free Juggernog In Cold War Firebase Z

Now that players get to experience Firebase Z, secrets are quickly being discovered. Cold War is no stranger to easter eggs and secrets, Die Maschine has a ton of easter eggs and secrets to find.

Now, players are already discovering Cold War’s Firebase Z map secrets for themselves. The latest discovery is a free Juggernog perk, but the method to getting it is a little tricky.

A free Juggernog might also help you take on Black Ops Cold War’s ‘Orda’ Bossfight. The biggest boss in Black Ops Cold War history, if you’re up for the challenge that is.

In order to get the Juggernog perk for yourself, you’ll have to follow these steps carefully. Be aware, if you fail the easter egg challenge, you can always try again.

First, you’ll need to turn on the power to the facility. If you don’t know how to do it, check out our guide on how to turn on the power in Firebase Z here.

Next, you’ll need to head back to the spawn area and go up the stairs located near the Pack-A-Punch machine. After this, go right, and further down the hall, you should spot a stuffed bunny rabbit next to some debris.

Firebase Z easter egg
Firebase Z Easter Egg

Now you’ll need to cover your eyes and do the unspeakable. Using any weapon, shoot the rabbit and you will be transported to a rather unusual area of the map.

Players should find themselves in a rather dark wooded area. Furthermore, you’ll need to employ all your survival skills to avoid the horde of zombies that will spawn.

Once you’re in, avoid zombies and try to locate the glowing purple rabbits that will spawn around the area. Be aware that only one will spawn at a time and you’ll need to keep moving to avoid getting downed.

After you have found the rabbits, shoot at them to destroy them. After you have done this three times you will notice a glowing chest will spawn in the surrounding area.

This is where you’ll be able to pick the free Juggernog perk as well as an exclusive calling card. Be careful though, you only have limited time to grab the contents of the chest before you are teleported.

That’s it for the Cold War Firebase Z easter egg, however, there are more secrets to discover. If you are itching to discover more easter eggs, check out our Firebase Z easter egg walkthrough here.

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