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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg Walkthrough

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has another incredibly complex Easter egg to uncover as players drop into Firebase Z.

Firebase Z is the latest Call of Duty Zombies map to launch, and it might be one of the best yet. The Vietnam setting has two locations, new mechanics, and an incredible new Wonder Weapon to test out.

But the Firebase Z Zombies map also comes packed with a complex new Easter egg to uncover. If you want to complete everything that the map has to offer, you’ll need to follow a guide to make sure you don’t miss a step.

Looking for Die Maschine instead? Here’s our guide for the Die Maschine Easter egg in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Firebase Z: Easter Egg Guide

How to Build the Wonder Weapon (R.A.I. K-84) in Firebase Z

It seems that Firebase Z has a side Easter egg where players can build the new Cold War Wonder Weapon. However, you can already get the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon in several other ways.

However, to build it for a guaranteed Easter egg drop, you’ll need to follow this guide:

  • To get started, make sure you’ve turned on the power in Firebase Z. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it’ll make things easier in the long run.
  • At the very least, head to Firebase Z, and complete the Data Center Aether Reactor
Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Easter Egg 1
  • Then, open the door pictured above, and you’ll find a Blueprint on the workbench to the left.
Firebase Z RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon Blueprint
  • Grab the Blueprint, and head towards the Mission Control room.
  • Stabilize the Aether Reactor, if you haven’t done it already, and head outside to the Scorched Defense area.
  • Here, you will find the body of Dimitri Kuhlklay by the wreckage of a tank.
Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Crafting Tank
  • Head up to the deceased soldier and retrieve his eye, in a perfectly gruesome animation.
Firebase Z Dimitri Eyeball
  • Next, we’re heading back to the Weapon Lab, where there’s a computer displaying the message: “PROVE YOU ARE ME.”
  • Interact with it to scan Dimitri’s eyeball and unlock a nearby drawer.
Firebase Z Computer Wonder Weapon
  • Grab the Locker Key from the drawer.
  • Now, head to the Firebase Z Barracks area.
Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Locker Key
  • Inside the Barracks, use your new Locker Key to open the lockers until a Mimic spawns. You can also grab various pieces of Intel from inside these lockers, while you’re here.
  • If the Mimic does not spawn, head to the other Barracks and try there until it does.
Firebase Z Locker Wonder Weapon Guide
  • Kill the Mimic and it will drop a Barrel Assembly, for your upcoming Wonder Weapon. Grab it and then we’re almost there.
Firebase Z Mimic Wonder Weapon
  • Head back to the computer in the Weapon Lab and interact with it. You’ll see a radar spinning to a random location in a circle.
  • Memorise the positions and move to the Village Mess Hall. Here, you’re going to shoot the Dart Board in the same place as the radar highlight, and then shoot the bullseye.
  • A secret compartment will open up, allowing you to get yet another piece of the Wonder Weapon.
Firebase Z Computer Dart Wonder Weapon(1)
  • For the next stage, you’ll need to wait until a Mangler special enemy spawns. This is usually at around Round 15 or so.
Black Ops Cold War Mangler Firebase Z
  • Once you kill this enemy, they will drop the final piece of the puzzle, an Uncharged Power Cell.
Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide
  • Use the computer back in the Weapon Lab to charge your Power Cell. This will take a while, so survive for a round or so without dying.
  • Finally, grab the Charged Power Cell, and take it to the Crafting Table beneath where you picked up the Blueprint, in this same room.

And voila! You have all the parts for the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z.

Simply assemble them together for the most powerful weapon in the game.

Firebase Z Main Quest Easter Egg Guide – Part 1

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter egg - Compound S16
Source: u/Conway22
  1. To start, you’ll need to speak to Ravenov at spawn, turn on Firebase Z’s power generators and then speak to Doctor Peck in Mission Control.
  2. Head back to spawn and speak to Ravenov again. He will give you a keycard item.
  3. Use the keycard to unlock three different lockers around the map and grab the serum from each. The locker locations are in Equipment StorageColonels Office, and Engineering.
  4. After collecting the serums, head over to Field Hospital and interact with the chemical mixer.
  5. Take out the hellhounds that spawn and then interact with the chemical mixer again. The mixer will give you the agent delivery system.
  6. After collecting the agent delivery system, head to the OPC area and place the system above the air conditioner.
  7. Go back to Doctor Peck and you should notice he is dancing around, talk to him.
  8. Once Peck stops dancing, head to the data center and grab an essence trap from the machine.
Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg - Data Center Screenshot
Source: u/Conway22

Firebase Z Main Quest Easter Egg Guide – Part 2

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg - Essence Trap
Source: u/Conway22
  1. The next step is the hardest part of Firebase Z’s easter egg guide. You’ll need to find mimics and bring them down to extremely low health. 
  2. Once they are at low health, deploy the essence traps to capture them.
  3. However, be aware that if the mimics are not at low health, they will escape.
  4. After capturing a mimic, take it to the machine where you grabbed the essence trap and activate it.
  5. Next, you should hear from a requiem agent who will tell you if you are successful or not. You will need to repeat the mimic capturing process multiple times until you get three pieces of information from the agent.
  6. You will need to get Maxis’s tracker ID, and two different activation codes from the agent.
  7. After you have the information the machine will spit out a floppy disk, take this to the planning offices, and put it into the computer.
  8. Next head into the OPC dome and an anomaly should spawn in the middle of the room.
  9. Head down to mission control and speak to Doctor Peck once more. He should close his window shutters on you.
  10. Ravenov will then give you a code that you can use to open another locker next to Doctor Peck’s window.
  11. Grab the Aethermeter from the locker and then grab the shovel from the scorched defense area.
Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg - Scorched Defense
Source: MrRoflWaffles

Firebase Z Main Quest Easter Egg Guide – Part 3

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg - Aether Container
Source: MrRoflWaffles
  1. For this next step, you’ll need to have the RAIK-84 Wonder Weapon, our guide above will teach you how to get one.
  2. Three crystal canisters will now spawn around the map, you need to collect them and place them into the nearby generators. However, there are different puzzles for each crystal canister location.
  3. The first crystal canister can be found in the open lot right in the corner under a window. It will spawn many fake duplicate crystals around the area.
  4. The real canister will not contain any animated black smoke, but grabbing the wrong container will spawn boss zombies, so be very careful.
  5. Take the crystal container back to mission control and place it into the Aether Reactor.
  6. The next crystal container can be dug up to the left of the staircase leading up to the data center in the corner near the field hospital. You should get a prompt to dig up the crystal.
  7. This crystal canister puzzle is a bit different, you will need to keep your distance from the canister or else it will move. Once you have a clear shot with the RAIK-84, use the alternate fire mode to freeze the canister in place.
  8. Now quickly move up and collect the canister whilst it is frozen in place.
  9. Take the crystal canister back to the Aether Reactor and insert the second crystal.
  10. The third and final crystal canister can be dug up at Jungle Defence. You will have to stay inside the zone and survive in order to complete the final crystal puzzle.
  11. After this, take the crystal back to the Aether Reactor once more and insert the canister.
Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg - Aether Container 2
Source: MrRoflWaffles

Firebase Z Main Quest Easter Egg Guide – Final

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg Final - Satellite Dish
Source: MrRoflWaffles
  1. Now you will need to return to the OPC Dome in order to witness the anomaly disappear.
  2. Head to the planning offices just next door and interact with the black screen computer.
  3. There is a small puzzle that involves moving the cursor using the D-Pad. locate the satellite dish with a “?” attached to it and select it. Bear in mind this will stop players from earning points so make sure you are prepared to face the final boss.
  4. Take a look at the satellite dish and you should witness a giant laser hit it. Head back into the OPC and interact with the terminal on the right-hand side.
  5. After you have done this, you are ready to take on Firebase Z’s ‘Orda’ boss fight.
  6. Take out the final boss being careful to avoid its one-hit kill moves and you will have successfully completed Firebase Z’s main quest and easter egg, well done you!

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