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Black Ops Cold War: Zed 398 Swift Clover Error Locks Game’s Multiplayer

It wouldn’t be a Call of Duty launch without a major issue or two in there. Now Black Ops Cold War is kicking off its Season 1 update with a Zed 398 Swift Clover error code, locking fans out of Multiplayer.

An official update has been provided for this error.

If the error Zed 398 Swift Clover Error looks familiar to you, you’re not the only one. Black Ops Cold War players are reporting that the notorious error is already stopping them from entering Multiplayer games.

This new error appears just as users go to head into Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer for the first time. It’s a frustrating issue, especially to those who shelled out for the game’s Battle Pass, but the developer is working on a fix.

black ops cold war multiplayer error
(Source: Treyarch)

Treyarch is Fixing Zed 398 Swift Clover for Black Ops Cold War

According to a new post on Treyarch’s Trello board, the company is aware of the Zed 398 Swift Clover error in Black Ops Cold War. Under the ‘Multiplayer Known Issues’ heading, Community Manager Josh Torres lists the issue.

The post reads: “We are investigating the error listed above which prevents players from finding matches.”

Having connection issues? Check the Black Ops Cold War server status here!

From what players are reporting, the issue locks Black Ops Cold War Season 1 fans from entering any Multiplayer matches. Some users are also finding the error kicking them from games that they do manage to enter.

This is causing quite the stir amongst the community, especially as there were no connection issues when paying for the Battle Pass.

How to Fix Zed 398 Swift Clover Error in Black Ops Cold War

UPDATE 16th December 19:44 GMT: Treyarch have officially responded with a fix for this bug.

As of right now, there are no official fixes to deal with the Zed 298 Swift Clover error. However, some fans are reporting success when restarting their game or consoles.

Others point out that some game modes, such as Fireteam: Dirty Bomb or the new Cold War Season 1 Zombies mode, are still playable. Only standard Multiplayer matchmaking appears to be having issues.

Black Ops Cold War Zed 398 Swift Clover Error
(Source: Treyarch)

Some users are also noticing that the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 update is causing a lag spike issue. It’s certainly not a great start to Treyarch’s premiere season.

And it’s bad news for all those hoping for a secret new Zombies locale this time around. Treyarch has confirmed that the first new Zombies map will come in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

All players having issues with the Zed 398 Swift Clover should consider trying out the new Cold War Warzone map while they wait on a fix. We’ll be sure to update you on any new developments, so check back regularly.

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