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Black Ops Cold War Won’t Allow Reverse Boosting

After reverse boosting claims flood the internet, Black Ops Cold War appears to have a solution to the problem.

Call of Duty has a reverse boosting problem, and the issue has caused some controversy in recent history. As the internet debates on the morality of the technique, it seems that Black Ops Cold War might contain a potential solution to reverse boosting altogether.

As the game heads into its Open Beta, Black Ops Cold War brings a simple fix to prevent reverse boosting. This feature is yet to be confirmed, but we have reliable knowledge from a Call of Duty insider.

What Is Reverse Boosting in Black Ops Cold War?

The process of reverse boosting means intentionally throwing games in order to be placed with weaker players. Thanks to the series’ controversial SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) system, players get matched based on their in-game skills.

(Source: Treyarch)

Perform well, and you’ll be playing with those that also perform around your level. On the other hand, lose a few games on purpose and SBMM will think you’re worse than you actually are.

Players could reverse boost in previous games, in order to play in easier lobbies. Some streamers also allegedly reverse boost to appear better to their viewers.

And lately, there have been claims that certain streamers are reverse boosting to ruin tournaments. It’s clear that the mechanic is becoming a real issue but, thankfully, Cold War has a solution for us.

Is Reverse Boosting Fixed in Black Ops Cold War?

According to Call of Duty insider, Tom Henderson, Black Ops Cold War won’t allow reverse boosting. In an attempt by Treyarch to prevent the process, spawn protection now applies to respawning players.

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The change is yet to see acknowledgment by the development team, but it’s clearly an effort to prevent reverse boosting. When spawning into Black Ops Cold War’s maps, players won’t be able to die to their own equipment for a short period of time.

Now, players will have to wait a few seconds before blowing themselves up to tank their Kill/Death ratio. It’s not a flawless solution by any means, but it might make the process more inconvenient for those attempting to reverse boost.

Perhaps this solution does indicate that Treyarch is carefully monitoring the reverse boosting situation. If players continue to purposefully drop themselves through the ranks, more solutions may be put in place.

All the Black Ops Cold War changes from its Alpha to Beta are now live, and some are more popular than others. With millions of players learning the Black Ops Cold War Beta schedule, more users than ever will be entering the fight.

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