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Black Ops Cold War Weapon XP Glitch Is Infuriating Players

A Cold War Weapon XP glitch is causing huge problems for the Cold War Community. It appears that many players are dealing with a bug that is affecting Weapon XP and causing huge frustration.

This glitch is certainly a new one for the Black Ops series. Whilst many are getting stuck into Season 2, there are some that are finding more and more problems with Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War players can't catch a break at the moment. It seems like every single day there are more and more bugs, exploits and glitches found. It really highlights just how rampant the issue is right now.

Black Ops Cold War Glitches Are Ruining The Game

It appears that a lot of players are starting to become quite dissatisfied with Black Ops Cold War. Amongst the game's technical issues, bugs and glitches are also impacting player enjoyment.

Sadly, this might be one of the most frustrating bugs that players are facing. This Cold War Weapon XP glitch is resulting in players losing out. Amongst other problems, Cold War's new E-tool is the game's worst weapon.

However, not all glitches are detrimental. In fact, it can actually be the opposite. This Black Ops Cold War Zombies insane glitch spot can freeze all zombies, ensuring you don't get overwhelmed by the undead.

Black Ops Cold War Glitch
(Source: Activision)

There's even another glitch that allows Cold War Zombies players to carry both the Ray Gun and R.A.I K-84 at the same time. Although not intentional, sometimes glitches can work in the player's favor.

Alongside the glitches, many players are getting even more frustrated with the game's balancing problems. Black Ops Cold War's balancing issue is causing huge problems within the community.

Furthermore, players are also actively calling for the return of this key feature from previous Black Ops games. It looks like Cold War fans are not happy with the state of the game currently.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon XP Glitch Causes Problems

The latest bug to make an appearance is Cold War's Weapon XP glitch. This glitch is stopping players from being able to take advantage of their double weapon XP tokens.

Interestingly, some users have reported that their Weapon XP tokens are not actually behaving as they are supposed to. Eagle eyed players have managed to spot that in fact, they aren't doing much at all.

According to some Reddit users, Cold War's weapon XP glitch is causing tokens to not work correctly. It appears that weapon XP tokens are in fact completely broken right now.

Black Ops Cold War Glitch
(Source: Activision)

Users reported that when activating a double weapon XP token, after the match the progress is actually reset. Unfortunately, this means that the tokens themselves are completely useless.

Players have noticed that even if they level a gun up using a token, this progress will reset to the regular amount after a match. To rub salt in the wound, It also appears that there will be no compensation given to players.

Take a look down below at this Reddit post, which shows off Cold War's weapon XP glitch in full force. Sadly, Activision has not yet addressed this issue.

(Source: Reddit)

Black Ops Cold War - Season 3 Content Update Coming Soon

Although players might have a lot of glitches to deal with right now, Season 3 is inevitably coming to Cold War and Warzone. With it, there will be a ton of new content designed to reinvigorate player enjoyment.

If you want to know how to get double XP (we recommend keeping a hold of them right now) as well as exclusive rewards in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone, we've got you covered.

Players are also currently discussing whether Warzone's new map could be on Cold War's game engine. If you're interested in seeing what fan reaction is to this development, take a look.

If you are wanting to try out an extremely overpowered class, the XM4 is overpowered in Black Ops Cold War, according to pro players. Perhaps you might want to pick it up and give it a go.

Finally, Treyarch has already teased new Zombies content coming for Season 3. Players certainly have a lot to look forward to, however, the bugs and glitches also need to be fixed in order to alleviate player's concerns.

We will continue to keep you updated with regards to Black Ops Cold War and other COD titles. Stay tuned for further updates, glitches, exploits, and news regarding Call of Duty.

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