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Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camos Need a Big Change

One of the more minor issues in Black Ops Cold War the appearance of its weapon camos, but players are still calling for change.

Since launch, Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of issues. We’ve seen everything from disconnection issues to overpowered weaponry and bugs.

But one issue that constantly gets brought up by the Black Ops Cold War community is its weapon camos. These unlockable appearances for weapons must be unlocked via completing a series of challenges for each gun.

It’s quite an effort to unlock every camo for your Cold War guns, but doing so gets you a unique reward. Complete a weapon’s challenges and you’ll get a Gold weapon camo for that gun.

But when unlocking their Gold weapon camos, some fans are finding the appearance more disappointing than they’d like. Of course, it’s equally upsetting when your Cold War weapon camos don’t unlock at all.

Black Ops Cold War Gold Camos Need to Be More Like Warzone

Black Ops Cold War fans are annoyed that the game’s Gold weapon camos only cover a small portion of their gun. Many suggest that Cold War Gold weapon camos should act more like Warzone’s take on the appearance.

When comparing the two, there’s a clear difference to be found. Once attaining your Gold weapon camo in Warzone, players are given a gun that’s coated in color from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, Cold War fans are given a small coating of Gold that takes up maybe a third of the weapon’s surface area. The entire barrel, grips, stock, and magazine are all left black.

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This is making Black Ops Cold War fans feel like their reward wasn’t worth the effort. And it certainly explains why Cold War fans hate the Dark Aether weapon camo.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone Gold Camo
(Source: Reddit)

But not all fans agree with the assessment that the Warzone Gold camo is superior. Many users believe the Warzone AK-47’s Gold appearance to be “tacky” or a little too much.

These same users call for a mixture of the two, with black accents on a primarily Gold weapon. Whatever your preference, it’s unlikely that this issue will get a change anytime soon.

After all, Black Ops Cold War players are currently reporting an increase in massive lag spikes. We’d like to hope that Treyarch is working to address these issues for now, rather than turning its attention to weapon camos.

However, these piling issues are likely contributing to Black Ops Cold War fans becoming sick of the game. Partner these problems up with the new Black Ops Cold War resupply bug that crashes games and it’s clear the title is not in a good state.

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