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Black Ops Cold War Challenges Involve Warzone and Fans Aren’t Happy

Many Call of Duty players are upset at the challenges to unlock Cold War skins.

With a new season comes a new Battle Pass. And with a new Battle Pass comes lots of new operator challenges to unlock skins.

Many players are excited that their favorite Operator will be getting new skins. Others are disappointed at the challenges required to unlock them.

Cold War Multiplayer

Why Are Players Upset at the Battle Pass Challenges?

While many players enjoy both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, some would rather just play one.

Firstly, they might just prefer the faster pace of Cold War’s multiplayer, or they might not even have Warzone downloaded, especially considering how much data the game takes up on your console or PC.

However, there are a number of Operator Challenges in the Season 1 Battle Pass that can only be completed in Warzone.

This will make players upset as some have paid for content that they have to unlock by playing a game they don’t enjoy.

What Cold War Challenges Are in Warzone?

The final Challenge to unlock NATO operator Park’s Competitive Edge skin is tied to Warzone. While it is fairly easy to complete, Cold War players who have bought the Battle Pass may not want to play Warzone.

AC Omega

Other popular Operators Stitch and Sims also have skins which can only be unlocked by completing challenges in Warzone too.

Luckily for Cold War players, most Battle Pass challenges for Operator skins can be completed in Cold War Multiplayer or Zombies.

Why has Activison done this?

It makes sense that Activision wants players to play both Cold War and Warzone. However, there must be a way of implementing challenges that please all players.

One way Activision could do this is by making all challenges completable in either Black Ops or Warzone.

It is extremely unlikely that there will ever be completely separate Battle Passes.

Cold War Multiplayer

Players on Reddit have also asked for Warzone-only challenges to be put in their own section in the challenges screen. This would make it like how Zombies challenges are separated, making things simpler for players.

Activision look to continue Warzone support for the foreseeable future. They have shown this by adding all of Cold War content to Warzone in Season 1.

Find out how to unlock all of the Season 1 Weapons in Cold War.

Some amazing new Mastercraft weapon skins for Cold War and Warzone have also been leaked.

There is also a worrying new bug in Cold War that is making players lose their XP.

Fans are also upset at the new look of a legendary Call of Duty character has.

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