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Black Ops Cold War VTOL Glitch Makes Scorestreak Useless

This Black Ops Cold War VTOL glitch makes the very powerful scorestreak completely useless.

Black Ops Cold War has been plagued with a number of bugs and glitches since the game launched. There have even been scorestreak bugs too, like this one that makes the Gunship completely useless.

This new glitch has been brought to light and it affects one of the most powerful scorestreaks in the game. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen when you call in your VTOL Escort because there is no known fix yet.

Cold War VTOL Escort

What is the Cold War VTOL Glitch?

The VTOL is a fighter jet that players can call in once they get a scorestreak of 7000. Players can usually fly it about and shoot enemy soldiers and vehicles but this glitch completely ruins it.

The glitch found by Redditor Thirdgens37 is a very strange one. After calling in his VTOL, he was completely unable to move it.

He could aim his gunfire and missiles left and right, but couldn’t fly the VTOL jet around at all. This made it almost completely useless.

The glitched VTOL was destroyed before the player could even get close to killing anyone.

The player luckily got his VTOL from a care package, so it wasn’t too annoying. If a player had been rewarded for a 7000 scorestreak with a faulty VTOL, they wouldn’t be very happy.

Thirdgens37 Reddit

This is the only recorded instance of the Cold War VTOL glitch so it’s possible that it is a one-off occurrence. However, it would be good if Treyarch could look into this.’

However, a fix may be quite a while off considering the number of glitches in the game at the moment. This is the biggest problem Black Ops Cold War has at the moment.

Game balancing is also a huge issue in the community at the moment. Players have taken it into their own hands to ban a gun from competitive play.

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