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New Black Ops Cold War Update 1.28 Patch Notes Are Disappointing – February 9

There’s a new Black Ops Cold War update dropping hot, but don’t expect a huge amount of new content in 1.28.

Call of Duty games don’t usually last longer than a single year of support. However, we occasionally get a little bonus update from developers, even after the yearly cycle is complete.

With Modern Warfare (2019), we got new guns and operators well into Cold War’s life span. And now it looks as though Treyarch’s title could be getting a new update too.

Black Ops Cold War

This isn’t likely to be the start of Black Ops Cold War Year 2, but it’s certainly a nice surprise for fans everywhere.

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Black Ops Cold War Year 2 Adding New Maps & Operator

In Black Ops Cold War’s first major update since Vanguard’s launch, patch 1.28 doesn’t add a huge amount of new content to the game.

Today’s surprise Cold War update 1.28 is here at last. The 9 GB update came as a shock to fans everywhere, but it’s a welcome one.

However, despite Treyarch confirming that new Operators are on the way, the new update has little to offer fans right now.

If anything, this appears to be more of a preparation update, with new content potentially going live on Vanguard Season 2’s release date.

As for what’s going live, leakers are already revealing 2 new maps, WMD, and Jungle, coming to the game soon. As for new Operators, it seems that Ravenov will be the first to arrive.

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Black Ops Cold War

Gamers should also be sure to unlock these 2 new guns with Vanguard Season 2. There’s plenty of content coming to Warzone right now, which is a nice change.

And with Black Ops Cold War guns being the best in Warzone too, we’re hoping that the new season will bring at least one new weapon from the era.

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Black Ops Cold War Update 1.28 Patch Notes


  • Progression
    • Renamed the Progression tab to Career Progression and added a Legacy Progression tab in Barracks for easier progression menu navigation.
    • Addressed an issue where Seasonal Progression was showing incorrect Prestige icons.
  • General
    • Addressed a clipping issue when using the Zombie Head Gesture while using a Sentry Scorestreak.
    • Addressed an issue where the visual effect could remain stuck on the player when performing the Soul Torn Finishing Move.


  • Combat Record
    • Addressed an issue where Combat Record could sometimes appear locked under certain circumstances.


  • UI
    • Addressed a UI error that would sometimes occur when playing Outbreak in splitscreen.
    • Addressed an issue in “Forsaken” where the Pizza Delivery text could overlap the Trial text.

(Source: Treyarch)

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