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Black Ops Cold War Players Use Trick for Leveling Up Rapidly

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War released last weekend and players are citing how long it takes to level up.

Black Ops Cold War is the first Call of Duty game to introduce a single level system across each of its modes. This means players can play Zombies and still gain progression in multiplayer, and vice versa.

With this cross-over, players can now play zombies to get an advantage over the competition in multiplayer.

Players took to Twitter and Reddit citing the long time it takes to level up the player and weapons ranks. Treyarch even granted a double XP event for the launch weekend to fix this concern.

This strategy helps players unlock perks and attachments without ever playing multiplayer.

How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Cold War

Play Zombies

Zombies is a staple to Call of Duty games made by Treyarch. Introduced back in Call of Duty: World at War in 2008, the mode still attracts players in the title's newest release.

(Source: Treyarch)

Use the same weapons you use in Multiplayer

The best and most fun way to level up the weapons you want to use in multiplayer is in the zombies mode. Every kill and challenge you get in zombies goes towards your multiplayer weapon and player rank.

Also, not only do you advance the progression of the weapon, but you also unlock unique camouflages to use in any mode.

Make sure you aim for the head of the zombies to get extra XP.

Exfil after getting to round 11

This may seem like a no-go for any die-hard zombies fans, but to get the most out of your time you have to exfil after round 10.

Black Ops Cold War adopted a feature modded maps for World at War on PC had years ago. The option to exfil is basically a way to end the game early and "win."

If you successfully get to round 10 and exfil you will gain approximately 10,000-15,000 player XP a game and level up the weapon you used.

You can repeat this strategy approximately 5-6 times an hour, for a potential 90,000 XP.

Also, if you want to take this strategy to the next level, you could enable double XP with this new 2XP promotion.

If you need help to exfil, check out this guide on how to use the new feature.

(Source: Treyarch)

Avoid the Ray Gun and Wonder Weapons

To get the most out of playing zombies to level up, avoid the ray gun, and wonder weapons.

These weapons are not available in multiplayer and are a waste of time you could be using to get weapon XP.

Make a loadout of the weapon you want to level up and select it at the beginning of the round. Use it for as long as it kills zombies and Pack-A-Punch it to increase its damage.

Kills using the Pack-A-Punched version of the gun gives you camouflages too!

If you need help Pack-A-Punching your weapon, check out this guide.

If you want to challenge yourself while doing this, attempt the Die Maschine easter egg and fight the final boss.

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