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Black Ops Cold War Teases Return of Popular Character

Fans of the original Black Ops will remember this popular character, and it looks like he could see a return in Cold War.

A strange new video has appeared on the Treyarch Twitter that seems to tease the return of a classic Black Ops character. In a series of new, short clips, the Cold War promotion follows a mysterious new story.

With an Anonymous-esque clip of a hooded figure speaking to a camera, Treyarch reveals its latest Cold War tease. It appears that the character is going to have a pivotal part to play in the upcoming storyline.

“Hacker. That game felt so real. Like I was really breaking into government servers somewhere, and discovering something that I wasn’t supposed to. I guess that’s who I was always meant to be – a troublemaker that doesn’t know when to stop. Just like my dad.”

Cold War Hacker Bowman
(Source: Treyarch)

The hooded figure reveals his identity to us as William Bowman, the son of Joseph Bowman. He concludes his message by telling the viewer that we’ve still got a lot of work to do and that he’ll see us ‘really soon.’

In fact, it appears that we’ll be hearing from Bowman again tomorrow. The website is set to tell a brand-new story, and the next chapter unlocks at 1 PM PT on October 28.

Joseph Bowman was a huge part of the original Black Ops storyline. The American special agent and Navy veteran worked alongside Mason and Woods for much of the game.

The soldier, who was voiced by none other than artist and actor Ice Cube, met his end in 1968. After capture by the Spetsnaz, Joseph Bowman was forced to play Russian roulette before angering his interrogator.

As a result, the fan-favorite character was beaten to death by a pipe. Now, it appears that his son is here to carry on the mantle of Bowman.

Given that soldiers are often referred to by their handle or last names, Bowman is finally making a return. He isn’t the Bowman we know, but it’ll be interesting to see where the story takes this new addition.

Black Ops Cold War is the most downloaded Call of Duty Beta in history, suggesting that millions of players will be picking up a copy of the game. Those who still play Call of Duty campaigns will likely be able to see the new Bowman in action.

For many fans, the most exciting part of the upcoming game isn’t its content at all. Instead, many are eager to see the new Warzone map for Cold War bring a fresh look to the popular battle royale.