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Black Ops Cold War Players Sets Team Deathmatch World Record

Black Ops Cold War's Team Deathmatch is a 6v6 kill race, but what happens when one person tries to get all 100 kills? This content creator tried just that.

Like its battle royale counterpart in Warzone, Black Ops Cold War is beginning to be filled with over usage of overpowered weapons.

However, fun and unique challenges like this one are what keeps the game fresh and entertaining beyond finding the next best gun to use.

Black Ops Cold War world record
(Source: Activision)

Those familiar with the Call of Duty content world know a lot about similar challenges to this one. However, nearly none are as impressive as this.

Solo 100 Kill World Record in Team Deathmatch

KARNAGE Clan, a gaming organization filled with highly skilled Call of Duty content creators, spearheaded this difficult world record challenge.

The premise of the challenge is for a single player to get all 100 kills in a team deathmatch game, which is a nearly impossible feat.

To be successful in this challenge, KARNAGE had to assign the role to one of its most talented members, DEXB0T.

Nuketown Dexb0t World Record
(Source: Activision)

DEXB0T, the one-man army behind the success of this challenge, is an up and coming Call of Duty content creator and is sure to gain traction from his world record gameplay.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, DEXB0T absolutely dominated the TDM lobby on Nuketown using the MP5, Gallo SA12, and powerful killstreaks.

Getting All 100 Kills in Team Deathmatch

To successfully pull off this challenge, DEXB0T enlisted the expertise of his KARNAGE teammates.

These teammates made callouts and destroyed enemy killstreaks and field upgrades while DEXB0T killed as many enemies as possible.

DEXB0T's teammates also stunned and flashed enemies to help him as much as possible in his run for the world record.

However, his teammates were not able to shoot enemies at all, which really pushed DEXB0T to perform as best as he could.

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DEXB0T managed to finish the game with all 100 kills and only 15 deaths, giving him a 6.67 K/D ratio.

This stat line also granted him a monster 30,000 score. On the other side, the enemy team only managed to get 80 kills.

In other recent news, Black Ops Cold War professional players recently banned this weapon from competitive play.

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