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Black Ops Cold War: How to Easily Complete Social Distancing Dark Ops Challenge

If you’re struggling with Black Ops Cold War’s Social Distancing Dark Ops challenge, you’re not alone. Here’s how to easily pass the test of skill, thanks to a sneaky new glitch in Cold War Zombies.

One of Cold War’s hardest Dark Ops challenges requires players to reach Round 20 in Zombies mode without getting hit. Even with a full squad of friends to help you battle the undead, this is quite the task.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to complete the Social Distancing Dark Ops challenge in Cold War Zombies. And it makes use of one of the game’s most useful glitches.

If you don’t know what the Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops challenges are, these trials are the hardest tasks the game has to offer. Only the best Call of Duty players will be able to unlock them all.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Social Distancing
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How to Unlock Social Distancing Dark Ops Challenge in Black Ops Cold War

Not only are we going to give you a foolproof strategy to unlock Cold War’s Social Distancing Dark Ops challenge, but you can also use this to never take a hit in Cold War zombies again. What’s more, you can do this trick solo, meaning that no other players are even necessary.

YouTuber Caspahz recommends doing this tactic with a fully-upgraded Gallo shotgun. Regardless of your weapon of choice, you’ll need the Aether Shroud to stand a chance here.

Easy Social Distancing Dark Ops Challenge in Cold War Zombies:

  1. Reach Round 6 in the game’s spawn area. Make sure to let all zombies enter the area, so they drop salvage on death
  2. Then, use the Crafting Table to build a Molotov
  3. At the end of Round 6, leave one zombie alive, and make your way upstairs to where Stamin-Up is
  4. Buy the Perk, and go and turn on the power in Die Maschine
  5. Next, you’re going to want to build Cold War Zombies’ Pack-a-Punch machine
  6. Find the Anomaly on the map, and head into the Dark Aether
  7. Next, you’ll want to collect Aetherscope parts that spawn in the following locations: on top of the Crash Site plane, downstairs from the Armory in the Particle Accelerator room, and below the Yard stairs
  8. Each one will spawn in Plague Hounds, and even being close to their gas will cause you to take damage and fail the challenge. You’ll need to make use of your Aether Shroud and some careful positioning to survive
  9. Go to the Crafting Table in the Particle Accelerator room and build the Aetherscope
  10. Next up, shoot 4 of the 5 glowing orbs from around the Particle Accelerator room. They can be found in the following locations, but remember, you only want to shoot 4 of them.
Cold War Zombies Light 1
Cold War Zombies Light 2
Cold War Zombies Light 3
Cold War Zombies Light 4
Cold War Zombies Light 5

11. Next, go to the nearby Medical Bay, and enter the Anomaly
12. Head back to the final light that you didn’t shoot, and throw your Molotov where it would normally be. Set a timer for 1 minute
13. You’ll now be in the Coffin Dance Easter egg area, and you need to head to the Medical Bay office to grab Doctor Vogel’s Diary
14. Then, in the last few second of your timer, look for a glow in the Medical Bay and spawn in a Spectral Reflection to give the diary to
15. Once your minute is up, you’ll appear back in the real world, but no zombies will be able to harm you
16. Head outside, as remaining in this area will cause the undead to attack after a short period

God Mode in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Now you’ve entered what many Zombies fans are dubbing ‘God Mode’ in Black Ops Cold War. Here, you’re free to kill the undead as much as possible, with no risk of harm.

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It’s a great way to get unlimited XP in Cold War Zombies, and it’s not too tricky once you know what to do. Best of all, it can be done solo, and you’ll easily complete the Social Distancing Dark Ops challenge too.

Don’t forget to Exfil in Die Maschine after Round 20 to end your game and earn some bonus XP. Otherwise, remain here as long as you like, and enjoy slaughtering the undead.

Thanks go to YouTuber Caspahz for showing us exactly how to pull off this easy Social Distancing Dark Ops challenge unlock.

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