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Incredible Black Ops Cold War Sniper Team Wipes the Enemy in 3 Shots

There’s being good with a sniper rifle and there’s being a god with one. This Black Ops Cold War pro sniper manages to get a team wipe the enemy team in just 3 shots.

In Black Ops Cold War, there are some that feel like snipers need a nerf. On the other side of things, many players believe that the guns are the weakest they’ve been in a while.

We’re not sure which party is correct. However, what we do know for sure is that the weapons can be as devastating as ever in the right hands.

In a new clip, one Black Ops Cold War player shows off their sniper prowess with an incredible killstreak. Using on 3 bullets, the Cold War sniper fan manages to wipe an entire enemy team.

Black Ops Cold War Sniper Spree
(Source: Activision)

While Black Ops Cold War snipers do need a buff in Zombies, we hope they don’t get any better in Multiplayer right now.

Black Ops Cold War Sniper 4-Man Collateral Team Wipe

In one of Black Ops Cold War’s best sniper sprees, this player achieves a 4-man collateral kill and goes on to complete the team wipe.

Posting to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, Reddit user OhTipe shows off their sniper skills. In a game of Domination on Nuketown, the Cold War fan pops off with the most incredible display of skill you’ll see today.

In an effort to stop the enemies from taking the objective, OhTipe rushes the point. Peeking from inside the house, the user takes aim and quickly fires into the enemy players.

Black Ops Cold War sniper team wipe
(Source: Activision)

With their first shot netting an insane 4 kills, the player gets an instant H.A.R.P Scorestreak. However, OhTipe isn’t done yet.

The user continues outside, taking out the 2 remaining enemy players with a bullet each. And just like that, the Cold War sniper fans team wipes the entire enemy squad, before they’ve even taken the point.

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If you’re wondering why the hit detection seems a bit off in the following clip, it’s actually more accurate than you’d think. Thanks to an issue with Black Ops Cold War Kill Cams, sometimes the enemies don’t always appear in accurate positions, players report.

Just when we thought we’d seen the best sniping spree possible in Black Ops Cold War, someone comes to upstage it.

This new clip certainly contends with the following link for Black Ops Cold War’s best play of all time.

Interestingly, Cold War snipers are currently banned in the Call of Duty League. We’d like to see them make a return soon, so pro players can show us what they can do.

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