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Black Ops Cold War Players Want a Sniper Buff in Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies players have been upset at just how useless snipers are for a while. Now, the Cold War fans are calling for a sniper buff, exclusive to the Zombies mode.

If you’ve ever tried sniping in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you’ll know it’s quite the hassle. Not only do the rifles boast the slowest movement speed, ADS time, and reloads in the game, but they don’t even have the damage output to make up for it.

Despite sniper shots dealing instant kills to players in Multiplayer, the weapons are far weaker than they should be in Zombies. Especially at the start of the game, some players are finding that the weapons are vastly outclassed.

Black Ops Cold War Sniper M82
(Source: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War Sniper Buff in Zombies

When it comes to the opening rounds of Die Maschine, bringing in a sniper rifle is just a mistake. According to fans online, and confirmed by Gaming Intel, the M82 isn’t even a guaranteed one-shot kill on Round 1.

And although you’ll need a sniper to deal the most damage possible in Cold War Zombies, the weapons are largely useless without upgrading. Once Pack-a-Punched, the sniper rifles become far more worth your time.

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With Black Ops Cold War’s Deadshot Daiquiri and a few Aetherium Crystals to hand, you’ll be dealing massive damage with headshots. But until that point, players are having quite the struggle grinding weapon camos in Cold War Zombies.

Cold War Zombies Sniper Rifle
(Source: Activision)

One possible buff that Treyarch could easily implement is making sniper rounds penetrate through more of the undead enemies. Currently, it appears that a sniper bullet will pass through a maximum of 3 or 4 enemies.

This is particularly disappointing, especially when Insta-Kill is active. Some players report that Black Ops Cold War actually has far less bullet penetration than in previous Zombies modes.

In a new post to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, one fan expresses their feelings on the current state of snipers:

“You’re telling me, a 50 caliber sniper rifle can’t one shot zombies on round ONE?,” Reddit user SorraDude questions. “The knife can, but the 50 cal can’t? That’s not only unbalanced, but it makes no sense either.”

Snipers have never been incredible for Call of Duty’s Zombies modes, of course. With the objective being surviving against hordes of undead, you’re usually looking for faster firing weaponry.

Black Ops Cold War Sniper Buff Zombies
(Source: Activision)

However, it’s clear that snipers are in desperate need of a buff in Zombies, despite their power in Cold War Multiplayer.

For those yet to see it, here is the best sniper class in Black Ops Cold War. And for battle royale fans, here is NICKMERCS’ best sniper loadout in Warzone Season 1.

If you’re busy grinding weapon camos in Zombies, be sure to take regular screenshots of your progress. After all, one Cold War player had their account completely wiped recently, and Activision Support offered them 2 XP tokens for their troubles.

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