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Black Ops Cold War Season 2: Maps, Weapons, Operators, Modes, Zombies & More

Finally, after weeks of speculation, Call of Duty have officially revealed the slate of content coming with Black Ops Cold War's second season.

Speculation has been rife for the past few weeks about what exactly Call of Duty have been up to.

So many leaks and rumors have suggested all sorts of things, including adventures in the Ural Mountains and a full Zombies crossover between the two games.

The Call of Duty fandom has been utterly frenetic since the first teases came about. And thankfully, we now have our first look-in to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone's season two.

There's plenty of goodies coming to Warzone, but let's take a look here at what's coming to Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War's Season Two Content

Announced by Call of Duty themselves, the latest slew of content has been officially revealed on their website.

The webpage contains an insane amount of information, so here's all the good bits you need to know before jumping into the second season.


Six New Weapons

Some new weapons are coming to Cold War's battlefield.

FARA 83: Assault Rifle

First is the FARA 83, a fully automatic assault rifle that's considered a heavyweight in the assault class. It boasts an incredibly high fire rate and great range to boot, too.


The LC10 is a well-rounded submachine gun, that excels just as well in mid-range firefights as in short-range ones. Its damage per shot is a little lower than other SMGs, but its fire rate is exemplary. If you've got good aim, this weapon could be truly deadly.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Announcement
Black Ops Cold War's LC10 SMG
Machete: Special

You know what a Machete is. But, if you needed a refresher, it's a huge foot-long blade tempered to withstand even the most savage hacking and chopping. It's a great agricultural tool, but even better for carving your foes to pieces.

E-Tool: Melee

The E-Tool is an interesting one. It's a military-style tri-fold shovel, often used to dig defensive positions. It's a standard issue for soldiers around the world, but for you, it's a handy bludgeoning tool.

Black Ops Cold War's E-Tool
R1 Shadowhunter: Special

Fans have wondered when the crossbow is coming to Cold War, and we finally have an answer. The R1 Shadowhunter is a silent but deadly weapon that dishes out savage one-shot kills. If you've used it in Warzone, you know exactly what to expect.

ZRG 20mm: Sniper

Finally, there's the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle. This is a sniper built for extremely long ranges. It might have a slow fire rate, but it'll take out enemies with a single shot to the head, chest, or shoulders. It does come with a speedy reload rate though.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Announcement
Black ops Cold War's ZRG 20mm Sniper

Four New Operators

Next up, there are some new characters dropping into the battlefield, and one of them is quite the recognisable face.


First up is Kapano "Naga" Vang, a former drug and weapons trafficker feared for his remarkable brutality. He has taken matters into his own hands after threats to the free world, and is dishing out revenge personally.


The familiar face is Samantha Maxis. You heard right; the Zombies icon is becoming a playable character for the first time outside of the undead mode, fending off outbreaks through the Ural mountains. She's a welcome addition to the multiplayer world, and we can't wait to jump in as Samantha.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Announcement
Black Ops Cold War's Samantha Maxis

Hand-picked by Frank Woods, Terrell Wolf learned to hunt in the bayous of Louisiana. Following in the footsteps of his fallen brother, he entered service at 18, he now takes on the most dangerous of prey as a talented sniper.


Finally, Karla Rivas. She grew up in Nicaragua surrounded by the Menendez Cartel's brutal gang wars. She understand the consequences of such conflict first hand, and will not hesitate to use her guerrilla training to bring those same gang members down.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Announcement
Black Ops Cold War's Karla Rivas

These characters will be avaliable as seperate store bundles in Season two, so you won't have to wait long to get your hands on them.

New Prestige Levels

For all of you dedicated fans who have already become a prestige master, you've got more work to do.

Your season level is going to reset as season two begins, but now you've more to work for.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Announcement
Black Ops Cold War's new Prestige Levels

Four new prestige levels have been introduced, all across the first 200 levels. You can still work all the way through to level 1,000, but now you have some shiny new badges to go with that achievement.

Season Challenges

A brand new set of multiplayer challenges will be available in the new update, as well as 20 new zombie challenges too.

At season level 1 and every 10 levels afterwards, a new multiplayer and zombies challenge will become avaliable to you. Every single one has a large XP reward and a unique calling card, so don't forget to beat them!

Plus, if you can beat the full set, you'll get a 10,000 XP boost and an animated calling card for both multiplayer and zombies. So you seasoned players had better get ready to do some serious grinding.

Four Multiplayer Maps

Of course, it wouldn't be a Call of Duty update without some multiplayer maps.

Apocalypse (6v6)

The first is titled Apocalypse, and no, it's not another Zombies map. The 6v6 experience takes place in the Lao Jungle, and is built for pure aggression. The small-to-medium map takes place n stilted buildings and through a temple, so it'll be full of corners to duck around.

Black Ops Cold War's Apocalypse Map
Golova (Multi-Team)

Golova is a Multi-Team map that occurs in a traditional Russian village on the Ural plains. But, it hides a dark secret.

It's a testing ground for the expansion of the Numbers Program orchestrated by Nikita Dragovich, which features close-quarters action and a huge church to battle in.

Mansion (2v2, 3v3)

A 2v2 and 3v3 experience arrives in the form of Mansion, a gorgous estate across courtyards, hallways and balconies. It's very picturesque, but will come to hide some savage gunplay.

Black Ops Cold War's Mansion map
Miami Strike (6v6)

Under the glistening sun of Miami's south beach, the new 6v6 map Miami Strike is a return to another Cold War map. It's a smaller, daytime rendition of the game's Miami map, so you may already know it well.

However, players aren't the biggest fan of this map. Here's some suggestions that have been made to improve Miami.

These maps will be avaliable the moment the update goes live, so you can dive in right away.

Three Multiplayer Modes

Some new modes are coming to Cold War, and you're definitely going to recognise one of them.

Gun Game

Guys. Gun Game is back. [hold for applause]

That's right, the fan-favorite mode returns to Cold War, testing your mettle with a slew of weapons, starting with a pistol and ending with a knife. Work through a roster of 20 weapons and plough through your opponents with an immense arsenal.

Black Ops Cold War's Gun Game Mode

Stockpile is a mixture of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint modes that will put your reaction times to the test. Eliminate enemies and collect their dropped dog tags; but they won't contribute to your scores yet.

To qualify them, you must stockpile them (hence the name) at deposit sites that rotate around the map throughout the match. But if you die before a deposit, you'll drop all of your tags.

Black Ops Cold War's Stockpile Mode

Hardpoint is back, and it's tougher than ever. Occuring in the game's biggest maps, this squad-based mode tasks ten squads of four with remaining king of the hill as long as possible in rotating hardpoints. Reack 500 seconds of total objective time, and the dub is yours. Simple!

New Tools of the Trade

New vehicles and a scorestreak are coming to Cold War in the new update.

Scorestreak: Death Machine

The Death Machine returns as a new scorestreak for you to plough through your enemies with. First appearing in Black Ops, rev up the beast and tear through foes with its fast, deadly rounds. It's also pretty useful against vehicles too.

Black Ops Cold War's Death Machine Scorestreak
Vehicle: Sedan

Speaking of vehicles, the Sedan can be found in the new Outbreak mode. It's old as hell, and a little rickety, but it could be what stands between life and death. It's surprisingly reliable, so run down your undead foes with ease in this beat-up old ride.

Vehicle: Light Truck

Also coming to Outbreak is the Light Truck, a four-person off-road military vehicle. It doesn't have a roof or windows, so you can blast the zombie hordes from the vehicle with ease.

Black Ops Cold War's Light Truck Vehicle


Experience: Outbreak

Finally! After speculation and teases, we finally know what to expect of the Outbreak mode in Cold War Season Two.

The next chapter of the Dark Aether story takes place in the heart of Russia, introducing fans to an all-new open-world Zombies experience.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Outbreak

Outbreak takes place across massive spaces throughout the Ural Mountains, filled with new enemies, player rewards, team objectives and intel to find. Traverse by foot, new vehicles, jump pads... or by exfil.

There is also a Dark Aether portal to explore if you're feeling brave enough to get your hands on even more rewards.

Field Upgrade: Frenzied Guard

Plus, there's a new field upgrade to keep you busy. It's called the Frenzied Guard, and it will protect the user from damage to health for a brief period of time. This could save a lot of skins, so we're excited to test this one out.

Ammo Mod: Shatter Blast

Not only that, there's also a new ammo mod called Shatter Blast. It will make all of your bullets deal extra explosive damage, and each of them have the chance to explode too.

They're designed to take on "heavy zombies", so hold onto them for those bosses.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Outbreak

Two New Skill Tiers

As a part of this new Zombies experience, two new skill tiers have been unveiled. Agents of Requiem will be able to upgrade all skills to tier IV and V, so you can take your in-game progression even further.

More information will be coming covering this mode soon, so stick with us at GamingIntel for all the latest Cold War Season Two news.

Outbreak Challenge Event: Feb. 25 - Mar. 11

As with the game's multiplayer, there's a whole bunch of collectibles and XP to be earned during the Outbreak challenge event. Complete challenges as they fall into your lap to earn in-game extras, and earn that animated calling card to become the envy of your squad.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Outbreak

You can find out what's coming in Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 here.

This new content is a delight for fans, as many have had trouble with the game recently. Players have complained that the Bullfrog Blueprint is "pay-to-lose", and they've been reporting wallhackers in "almost every game".

Glitches and hacks are still a major problem too; one glitch has made ranked games unplayable, and a cheating pro player has been exposed live on stream.

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