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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Release Date, Battle Pass, Unlocks & More

New details about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 are finally here. Now, we finally know what to expect when the game launches later this month.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of 2020. The first Call of Duty title to appear on next-gen consoles, the potential player base for Cold War is massive.

It seems that Treyarch knows they’ve got a big job to do, and the developer has already been hyping up the title for months. From a selection of Beta testing periods to Warzone teases, there’s been constant Cold War content trickling out at a steady pace.

Now, we finally know what to expect in Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1
(Source: Treyarch)

Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 Battle Pass

As with Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War will be making use of the Battle Pass system. Although the game won’t require a battle pass purchase to play, there’s a lot of content available for those who want to pay a little per season.

Those who choose not to pick up the game’s battle pass aren’t missing out, however. Treyarch is ensuring that all content coming after launch is made 100% free for all players.

Release Date

black ops cold war
(Source: Treyarch)

Despite Black Ops Cold War launching November 13, Season 1 doesn’t actually begin until December 10. In the weeks leading up to the new season’s launch, players can enjoy the Cold War pre-season.

There’s still plenty to unlock, and players must reach level 55 before being able to enjoy Cold War’s Seasonal Prestige system anyway.

New Multiplayer Maps

Nuketown '84 Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

Of course, Black Ops Cold War will be bringing out new maps over time. Impressively, there’s even a new map launch just around the corner.

Less than two weeks after the Call of Duty title releases, Treyarch is bringing Nuketown back to the roster. Another new take on the long-standing favorite, Nuketown ’84, is set to be the first DLC map for Black Ops Cold War, released on November 24.

There will also be new maps coming with Season 1’s release on December 10, meaning there’s plenty to enjoy this year.

New Online Modes

(Source: Treyarch)

We saw a handful of modes in the Black Ops Cold War Beta, including the new VIP Escort, Combined Arms: Assault, and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb objective games. However, that’s not all that Cold War has to offer.

Treyarch confirms that more modes will be coming in Season 1, in addition to those we know about already. There will also be a returning fan-favorite.

2v2 Gunfight makes a welcome return to Black Ops Cold War. The popular Modern Warfare gamemode is an exciting addition to the Cold War roster, and it’ll be coming on December 10.

New Weapons

FAMAS Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Every Call of Duty season comes with at least a few weapons, and we know that Cold War Season 1 will be no different. From what we can see in a recent tease, we expect the FAMAS to be returning in the game’s first season.

In Modern Warfare, players tend to get at least a couple of new additions per season. Partner that with Treyarch’s promise of new weapons coming in Season 1, and we know there’s at least one more gun we’re yet to see.

What to Expect in Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
(Source: Treyarch)

On November 13, players will have access to Black Ops Cold War’s new take on the Zombies gamemode. This first chapter of the Dark Aether story is labeled “Die Maschine,” and it’s available from the game’s launch.

But December 10 is bringing even more Zombie goodness to the game’s players. Black Ops Cold War boasts new Zombies modes coming with Season 1.

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In addition, PlayStation players will have early access to the Zombies Onslaught mode, in a move that’s making fans of other platforms more than a little annoyed.

Classified Warzone Experience

warzone new map

Now for the big one. It appears that the long-awaited Warzone Cold War expansion is coming with Season 1.

On December 10, we may finally see a new Cold War map for Warzone, alongside the addition of new Black Ops-era weaponry. Treyarch is teasing a “Classified Warzone Experience,” set for the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

It’s worth noting that all Warzone and Modern Warfare experience will soon combine with Cold War. Earning exp in one game will help you with your Black Ops Cold War progress too.

But how exactly the Warzone/Cold War merger will happen, we still don’t quite know.

There’s even more to come in Season 1, supposedly, and we’ll have to wait until closer to launch to find out more. Whatever Treyarch’s got in store, we’re excited to see even more new content for Black Ops Cold War.

It’s certainly good to see such a great roadmap arriving even before the game’s launch. But with Black Ops Cold War’s minimum storage already being pretty huge, we’re fearful of seeing just how large this game can get.

Judging by the size of recent Modern Warfare updates, we’d wager that the game will end up being massive.

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