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Major Leak Reveals Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Maps Early

It’s only a few more days until the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 1, and new images of the upcoming maps are leaking online.

Alongside Black Ops Cold War Season 1, Treyarch is adding some new maps to the game that are sure to have fans excited. Now, new images of the Season 1 maps are already leaking online, and it’s enough to raise hype levels up a gear.

According to leakers on Twitter, some users have found a way to access the upcoming content early, and it’s led to some beautiful new images. What’s more, reviews from one leaker promise that the upcoming areas are incredible.

black ops cold war season 1 leaks

We certainly hope this is the case, seeing as Black Ops Cold War initially launched with some disappointing maps in general.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 New Maps Leak

According to leaker TheMW2Ghost on Twitter, the upcoming maps are worth waiting for. And that’s a good thing, as Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is being delayed further into 2020.

When it does eventually launch, though, fans will be treated to at least 3 top-tier maps. According to a major Cold War Season 1 content leak, this is on top of fan-favorite map Raid making its return.

The leaker also suggests that the upcoming maps give off vibes from some of the series’ most popular maps, including Modern Warfare 2’s Highrise. We can’t wait to see what the game has in store, and – luckily – you don’t have to.

New Leaked Images From Cold War Season 1


After being baited by a user on Twitter, a second Call of Duty account named TheGhostOfMW2 gave proof that they’ve played the upcoming maps early. They started out by posting the following screenshot:

As many Twitter users point out, this area looks familiar to a location in the Black Ops Cold War campaign. From our best guesses, this is a Vietnam map, using the same assets as the game’s story mode.

These assets will see use again soon, as the Fireteam Z leaked Zombies map is also set in Vietnam.

We can’t be sure if this is from the same map, but the leaker also showed off this screenshot from ‘Codename Apocalypse.’

The map looks like it has an unbelievably dark area inside, which won’t help with Cold War’s visibility issues.


Next up, leakers showed off screenshots from a new map called Mall. This new area looks like it incorporates a range of different areas across a large shopping center.

There’s even a dark, arcade machine-filled Galaxy room in Mall, which is certain to boast some familiar titles and references. According to TheGhostOfMW2, Mall is very similar to Black Ops 2’s Plaza, and it even has an outside area to explore.

From what we can see in new images, Mall even features a cinema setting and a rather stylish-looking van.


Finally, the user shared a small tease of the final incoming map, with the following image. We’d guess this is the one known to have ‘Highrise vibes’ as it features a large crane.

In total, that means that the new 6v6 maps we’re getting are a Vietnam map, Mall, and a Highrise-esque area. On top of that, Raid will still be returning too.

However, the leakers were not certain whether all these maps will be coming at launch. It’s entirely possible that some new areas will launch midway through Cold War Season 1.

Either way, these new leaks are enough to raise fans’ excitement levels. We’ve also got new Scorestreaks coming to Season 1, and we think we already know what they are.

Unfortunately, many players are still upset about how much impact SBMM has in Black Ops Cold War. Hopefully, Treyarch will adjust the feature in the future, or a lot of users may not return for the season.

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